Murray, Hallie

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Buck Leonard

phenomenal first baseman
"Buck Leonard was a famous first baseman who played for one of the top teams in Negro League history, the Homestead Grays, for sixteen seasons, beginning in 1934. Leonard's skill led him to be known as the black Lou Gehrig, but he was not offered a Major League Baseball contract until 1952. He declined because he felt he was too old and might damage the image of black players in general if he were injured. Leonard's story illuminates the unique challenges Negro League players faced in a time of segregation and racism"--Amazon.

Cool Papa Bell

lightning-fast center fielder
"James Thomas 'Cool Papa' Bell (1903-1991) was a National Negro League all-star who was best known for his legendary speed. A center fielder, Bell's batting average was regularly over .4, and in one season he was said to have stolen 175 bases in just 200 games. Because of segregation, Bell was never able to play for a major league team, but he was considered by many to have been the fastest man in baseball's history. His story illuminates the financial and social struggles black players faced during a time of racial and political upheaval in America"--Provided by publisher.

Monte Irvin

outstanding outfielder
"The . . . athletic Monte Irvin (1919-2016) was an outfielder who started in the Negro Leagues and eventually became one of the earliest black Major League Baseball players after joining the New York Giants in 1949. He played in two World Series with the Giants and after retiring worked as a baseball scout and served in an administrative role in the MLB commissioner's office. A mentor to Willie Mays, Irvin helped pave the way for other black players in the major leagues despite encountering racism on and off the field, and he was honored . . . later in life for his achievements. This book chronicles the life of the sports hero while introducing readers to the difficulties of living in a time of segregation and political upheaval"--Provided by publisher.

Satchel Paige

legendary pitcher
"Satchel Paige was a . . . popular pitcher whose career spanned nearly thirty seasons across numerous teams. When he joined the Cleveland Indians in 1948, he became the oldest major league rookie on a major league team, and he was the first Negro League player to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Paige is often considered one of the most talented and entertaining pitchers of any race to have ever played baseball. This . . . narrative of both his successes and struggles introduces young readers to America's complicated racial and political landscape in the early twentieth century"--Amazon.

Judy Johnson

third baseman and manager
"Known as one of the best pinch-hitting third baseman to ever play the game, Judy Johnson played seventeen seasons of Negro league baseball before retiring in 1937. Johnson was known for his calm and professional demeanor on the field, and he also managed many of the teams he played for. After his retirement, he went on to become one of the first black men hired to a coaching position for a Major League Baseball team. This book chronicles the life of the sports hero while introducing readers to the difficulties of living in a time of segregation and political upheaval"--Amazon.

The rights of the accused in criminal cases

the Sixth Amendment
Discusses the rights given to American citizens by the 6th Amendment.

Preventing cruel and unusual punishment

the Eighth Amendment
"... students will examine the events leading up to the Eighth Amendment's creation, how it has been defined throughout the centuries, and how it is interpreted today"--Provided by publisher.

Rights retained by the people

the Ninth Amendment
"... readers will learn why [the Ninth Amendment] was proposed and ratified, how it has been interpreted in several landmark Supreme Court cases, and how it has impacted society through such issues as labor activities, fair housing laws, and privacy"--Provided by publisher.

Limiting federal powers

the Tenth Amendment
"... students will learn why [the Tenth] amendment was created, how notions of states' versus federal rights have changed throughout history, and how this ongoing conflict between state and federal government affects their lives"--Provided by publisher.

Unreasonable search and seizure

the Fourth Amendment
"... examines the events leading up to the creation and ratification of the Fourth Amendment and its impact on modern American life, including how the Supreme Court must balance the rights of the individual against the needs of the government to keep the nation safe and how technological advances affect our privacy"--Provided by publisher.


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