graphic novel adaptations

graphic novel adaptations


the graphic novel
"What would you do for $50,000? For Mack, the prize money would be life changing. She knows her time at the women's shelter is already up. And she's good at hiding. At least this time, her life doesn't depend on it--or so she thinks. The challenge is simple. All fourteen competitors must spend seven days hiding in an abandoned amusement park from dawn to dusk. There's only one rule: Don't get caught. But as the people around her begin disappearing one by one, Mack realizes this competition is more dangerous than she'd imagined, and that together might be the only way to survive"--Provided by publisher.


"On the orders of the Lord Protector, Robyn Goodfellowe and her father come to Kilkenny, Ireland, to wipe out the last of the wolves, deemed dangerous beasts, that live in the neighboring forest. Robyn, unable to hunt with her father and sick of being confined within the city walls, decides to sneak out, only to get caught. She's saved by Mebh, a wild girl who loves among the wolves. Mebh and her mother are leading the pack somewhere far away from Kilkenny and the 'townies' who threaten them. Mebh introduces Robyn to her way of life, and the two quickly bond over the freedoms of the forest. Robyn soon discovers WolfWalkers, people who can communicate with and turn into wolves. After learning that they aren't to be feared, Robyn decides she must protect Mebh and her pack. But as the livesof the townies and the wolves collide, Robyn's relationship with her father comes to a head when she's transformed into the very thing he is tasked to destroy"--Jacket flap.

Jacky Ha-Ha

a graphic novel
"Living on the shore is all about fun, fun, fun! With my starring role in the boardwalk's biggest blockbuster performance, a life of fame and fortune is finally within reach. Until I accidentally lose my job, embarrass myself in front of a crush, and ruin a friendship, all at the same time. My problems can't always be laughed away--but I sure am going to try. After all, they didn't nickname me Jacky Ha-Ha for nothing!"--Provided by publisher.

The Baby-sitters Club

"Claudia takes a baby-sitting job looking after Betsy, a girl who is known for her practical jokes, and when one of Betsy's pranks results in a broken leg for Claudia, her baby-sitting days may be through"--Provided by publisher.

Wings of fire

"Winter has always been a disappointment to his royal IceWing family. Now he has a chance to save his sister, Icicle, from making a terrible mistake--if he can find her. Winter's new clawmates, Moon, Kinkajou, and Qibli, insist on joining his dangerous journey. They don't understand that IceWings, the most superior of all dragon tribes, can fix their own problems. When their search leads the dragonets straight into Queen Scarlet's vicious talons, Winter is grateful to have some help. But even the bravest dragons can't follow him to the Ice Kingdom. There, he'll have to face the greatest threat of all: his own family"--Provided by publisher.


"It begins with the dreams. Cassie has been having strange nightmares of a voice calling to her from deep beneath the ocean. They're unsettling, but it isn't until Cassie discovers Tobias has been having dreams too, the exact same dreams, of a voice pleading for help---that she decides it's time to start listening. When pieces of debris wash up on shore, marked with alien writing, the team realizes they may still have allies in the fight for Earth, allies who are trying to make contact. Now they just have to reach them, before time runs out"--Provided by publisher.

Magic tree house

"The magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back in time to feudal Japan where the siblings learn about the ways of the ninja"--OCLC.

You're invited to a creepover, the graphic novel

"Bree is delighted to get the lead role in 'The Last Sleepover' at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, but from the start the rehearsals are marked by strange occurrences until she begins to fear she will not survive opening night"--OCLC.

The Baby-sitters club

"Kristy's mom is getting married, and Kristy is going to be a bridesmaid! The only trouble is, fourteen kids are coming in town for the wedding. Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, Dawn, and Mallory think they can handle it, but that's before they spend a week changing diapers, stopping arguments, solving mix-ups, and planning activities. It's the biggest job the BSC has ever had, but they'll work together to make sure Kristy's big day is a success!"--Provided by publisher.

The heroes of Olympus

Uniting with Jason, Piper, and Leo after their dangerous quest, Percy, Hazel, and Frank wonder who will be chosen to fulfill the Prophecy of Seven, completing their group's number, and sail with them to an ancient land to find the mysterious Doors of Death.


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