Stavans, Ilan

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And we came outside and saw the stars again

writers from around the world on the COVID-19 pandemic
Writers from around the world provide essays, stories, poems and artwork detailing the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.

El iluminado

a graphic novel
Rolando P?erez falls to his death outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, sparking rumors of a conspiracy that he may have sacrificed himself to protect documents from his family, the police, and the Catholic Church. After Rolando's death, Ilan Stavans arrives in Santa Fe to give a lecture on "crypto-Jews" and he is drawn into a race to find Rolando's lost documents that may contain secrets to Rolando's mysterious death.

A most imperfect union

a contrarian history of the United States
"Enough with the dead white men! Forget what you learned in school! Ever since Columbus --who was probably a converted Jew -- "discovered" the New World, the powerful and privileged have usurped American history. The true story of the United States lies not with the founding fathers or robber barons, but with the country's most overlooked and marginalized peoples: the workers, immigrants, housewives, and slaves who built America from the ground up and made this country what it is today. In A Most Imperfect Union, cultural critic Ilan Stavans and award-winning cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz present a vibrant alternative history of America, giving full voice to the country's unsung but exceptional people. From African royals to accused witches, from Puerto Rican radicals to Arab immigrants, Stavans and Alcaraz use sardonic humor and irreverent illustrations to introduce some of the most fascinating characters in American history-- and to recount travesties and triumphs that mainstream accounts all too often ignore. What emerges is a colorful group portrait of these United States, one that champions America's progress while also acknowledging its missteps. Sweeping and cinematic, stretching from the nation's prehistory to the post-9/11 era, A Most Imperfect Union is a joyous, outrageous celebration of the complex, sometimes unruly individuals and forces that have shaped our ever-changing land." -- Publisher's description.

The Schocken book of modern Sephardic literature

A collection of fiction writing, memoirs, essays, and poetry from twenty-eight Jewish-Spanish writers spanning 150 years of history.

Cesar Chavez

Collects twelve essays and first-person narratives that examine the life and accomplishments of labor leader and social justice advocate C?sar Ch?vez.

Isaac Bashevis Singer

an album
Presents the biography of twentieth-century Yiddish writer and Nobel Prize winner, Isaac Bashevis Singer and chronicles his life and career from his childhood in Poland, immigration to the U.S. in 1935, and success as an author through over eighty illustrated photos.

Becoming Americans

four centuries of immigrant writing
Collects writings, including poems, novel excerpts, travel pieces, memoirs, diaries, and letters, by various immigrants to the United States, including Joseph Brodsky, Edwidge Danticat, Edward Said, Jamaica Kincaid, and Charles Simic, in which they discuss the challenges and hopes that define their experiences in a multicultural democracy.

The Hispanic condition

reflections on culture and identity in America
Explains the cultural and behavioral similarities and differences between Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans. Discusses whether Hispanics will assimilate into manistream American society or remain a separate idenity.

Cesar Chavez

a photographic essay
Combines archival photographs of Cesar Chavez and the people with whom he worked with information about his life and accomplishments.

Julio Cort?azar

a study of the short fiction


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