Light, Charlie

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20 fun facts about beavers

"Wetlands are home to all kinds of lush wildlife, but who makes this habitat possible? Readers of this . . . book will meet nature's lumberjack and architect--the mighty beaver! They'll learn about beavers' habitats, diet, adaptations, and other fascinating facts about this keystone species and the vital role they play in wetland ecosystems"--Provided by publisher.

20 fun facts about coyotes

"What's that howling in the night? Is it a neighborhood dog, or maybe a wolf? No, it's a coyote! Readers of this fascinating book will meet the mysterious coyote, the canine unique to North and South America. They'll learn incredible facts about these clever creatures, such as that they are likely the first animals ever domesticated by humans! Broken down into accessible fun facts accompanied by vivid photographs and graphic organizers, this informative text introduces readers to coyote habitats, adaptations, diet, and other key information about this highly intelligent species"--Provided by publisher.

To the Milky Way and beyond

exploration outside the solar system
"The first artificial satellite launched on October 5, 1957, forever changing humanity's relationship with the mysterious galaxy we call home. Since then, we have ventured farther into the Milky Way, making incredible scientific discoveries. This fascinating, interdisciplinary volume takes readers through the history of space exploration and into the final frontier of human travel-space beyond the Milky Way. They'll learn key scientific concepts about the universe, such as the different types of galaxies and how we measure space travel. Vivid photographs and graphic organizers provide captivating visuals. Fun fact boxes and informative sidebars provide smaller, easy-to-digest chunks of amazing data"--.

Observing Earth

investigating Earth's atmosphere
Onward and, more importantly, upward! This informative text takes readers on a journey up through the layers of Earth's atmosphere, detailing the unique scientific features of each layer and the history of humans exploring these great heights. Fun fact boxes and gorgeous photographs will dazzle even reluctant readers. With graphic organizers and sidebars to illustrate complex concepts, this volume clearly connects key scientific principles about our planet's atmosphere to significant moments in the history of space exploration.
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