Food field trips

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Let's explore bread!

Provides information about different types of bread and how it's made. Includes a list of resources and two recipes, one with a QR code that accesses a video.

Let's explore beans!

Provides information about the characteristics of beans, explaining different types and how they are grown and harvested. Includes a list of resources, a recipe with a QR code, and an activity.

Let's explore apples!

Explores how apples grow, the different types, and how they taste.

Let's explore honey!

Explores the process of gathering honey, what a bee hive looks like, and more.

Let's explore eggs!

"Eggs are a delicious, nutritious, and versatile! Introduce young readers to the chickens and their farmers, learn to cook a simple egg and toast dish, then make plant pots from the shells"--Provided by publisher.

Let's explore bread!

Explores the different kinds of bread, focusing on how to knead bread, why it rises, and more.

Let's explore pumpkins!

Explores how pumpkins grow, what is inside of them, and how to make pumpkin soup.


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