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Lycanthropy and other chronic illnesses

Forced to leave Stanford's pre-med program after contracting Lyme disease, Priya finds solace in an online chronic-illness support group and with best friend Brigid, whose own illness may be more unique than Priya suspected.


"Red deer Louis learns he has more in common with lion Ibuki, his biggest supporter in the Shishi-gumi gang, than he thinks. While the blood feud between gray wolf Legoshi and brown bear Riz escalates, puma Tao and anteater Kibi attempta reconciliation. Giant panda Gohin continues his work attempting to cure carnivores of their meat addiction. And surprising secrets of Legoshi's family and past are revealed"--Back cover.

A trip to Grandma's

Emma and her brother are staying at their grandmother's house for a full week; she has packed her favorite stuffed toy and the recharger for her cochlear implant, but she is a little worried about feeling homesick--but with her grandmother keeping her busy, and the help of a new deaf friend named Nick, the week flies by. Includes an ASL fingerspelling chart, glossary, and content-related questions.

Roller skating worries

"Emma's best friend Izzie loves roller skating, and she is going to teach Emma; Emma is worried about falling and hurting herself and her nerves make her wobbly--but Izzie is sure that listening to their favorite music will help her relax and forget her nerves. Includes an ASL fingerspelling chart, glossary, and content-related questions"--OCLC.

The lemonade stand

Best friends Izzie and Emma, who is deaf, open a lemonade stand and learn how to run a business. Includes words in sign language, a glossary, content-related questions, and writing prompts.

Friendship goals

"Emma, who is deaf and wears a cochlear implant, loves playing soccer with her friends Izzie and Chen, but when Izzie gets discouraged and wants to quit, Emma and Chen take the time to show her that improvement comes through practice. Includes discussion questions, writing prompts, an ASL fingerspelling chart, and a sign language guide"--OCLC.

New words, new friends

evidence-based strategies to help children with different languages learn to play together!
Theo and Wyatt are good friends, but when a girl joins their class who does not speak English, they must learn how to communicate in a different way to make a new friend and help their classmate learn English and feel welcome.

Let's go swimming!

On a hot day Hedgehog and his best friend Harry go swimming in the pond to cool off--and when Hedgehog helps his friend overcome his fear of going underwater they find a treasure.

The big adventures of Tiny house

"An old farmhouse gets recycled into something new: Tiny, a little house with a big heart and wheels. With the help of his friend Big Truck, Tiny travels thousands of miles across America. Along the way, he meets cool new friends like Shiny (an Airstream), Waverly (a houseboat) and Buster (a converted school bus). In the end, Tiny realizes that he has exactly what it takes to be a real home"--OCLC.

Digger makes a friend

Illustrations and simple text introduce vocabulary words and tell a story about Digger, the dog, and his new friend.


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