Grumpy Monkey

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Who threw that?

When Jim Panzee is banished from the jungle after making Oxpecker mad at him, his best friend Norman joins him, but when they end up in the desert and Norman is miserable, Jim agrees to apologize so they can go back home.

Grumpy Monkey up all night

"Jim Panzee goes to a sleepover where he wants to stay up all night long to do fun activities. But one by one his friends fall asleep. How long will Jim be able to stay awake?"--.

Grumpy monkey freshly squeezed

It's time for Jim Panzee's weekly Wednesday walk, and before he knows it, Jim has been joined by what feels like every animal in the jungle. It's all just too much. Jim grabs his stress orange to calm his nerves ... but when he squeezes a bit too hard, the stress orange goes to squish. So, Jim and his not-so-helpful friends must cross the jungle to get another stress orange before he goes berserk. In graphic novel format.

Grumpy monkey

Ready, set, bananas!
Jim Panzee begrudgingly agrees to help Tortoise enter the big race.

Grumpy monkey

Get your grumps out
Grumpy Jim Panzee decides that it is time for a new Jim, so he enlists his friends to help him get mad so he can stomp all his grumps out, and become a new Jim for the new year.

Grumpy monkey

The egg-sitter
"Jim has been asked to egg-sit, but he wants to have fun with his friends. Is there a way he can do both?"--Back cover.

Freshly squeezed

"Jim Panzee is out for his usual Wednesday walk when he accidentally squishes his stress orange into orange juice. He and his friends must cross the jungle before all of the fresh oranges are gone"--.
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