Dropping in on Grandma Moses

Puffer flies to upstate New York, where he meets folk artist Grandma Moses and introduces children to her life and work.

A vote for Susanna

the first woman mayor
Dora tells her grandson of how, in 1887 Argonia, Kansas, a group of men who thought women should not vote or hold office put a woman on the ballot as a joke. Includes a note about Susanna and a cake recipe.

Grandma Moses

an American original
Grandma Moses is a name synonymous with American folk art. Considered by many to be America?s preeminent folk painter, her winsome style, evocative of a simpler, bygone era, has endeared her to millions worldwide. The landscape is probably the most popular of Grandma Moses?s subjects. She captured the land she knew and loved in New England in many moods and seasons, often employing it as a backdrop for family and community activities. A true American icon, Grandma Moses painted timeless scenes that will continue to charm and delight for many generations to come.

Dropping in on Grandma Moses

An animated introduction to the life and work of folk artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses, known as Grandma Moses, who did not begin painting until she was seventy years old, that discusses her life and the stories behind some of her most popular works.

Grandma Moses

Includes index. Introduces the life and painting career of Anna Mary Robertson Moses, known as Grandma Moses, a self-taught artist who painted simple scenes of country life.

The essential Grandma Moses

Chronicles the life and career of artist Anna Mary Robertson "Grandma" Moses, who became a famous painter in the mid-twentieth century, when she was over seventy years old. Includes photos from throughout her life, discussion of her place in art history, and more than seventy color plates of her work.

Grandma Moses

Contains 253 large illustrations, including 135 in color, plus 1203 documentary illustrations. Traces the development of Grandma Moses's art and describes her life.

Grandma Moses

25 masterworks
Color portfolio of twenty-five of the works of folk artist Grandma Moses, with a short commentary on her life and work which she began in earnest in the later years of her life when she was in her seventies.


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