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Don't ask if I'm okay

A year ago, Gage survived a car accident that killed his best friend, Hunter. Without the person who always brought out the best in him, Gage doesn't know who he is. He likes working as a fry cook and loves his small-town friends and family, but they weren't in the wreck and he can't tell them how much he's still hurting. He just wants to forget all his pain and move on. So when his stepdad shows him a dream job opening in one of his idol's restaurants, Gage knows this is his chance to convince everyone and himself that he's fine. To try to push past his grief once and for all, Gage applies for the job, asks out a crush, and volunteers to host a memorial for Hunter. But the more Gage tries to ignore his grief, the more volatile it becomes. When his temper finally turns on the people he loves, Gage must decide what real strength is--holding in his grief until it destroys him, or asking for help and revealing his broken heart for all to see.

We are not from here

"Teens from Guatelama escape through Mexico and attempt to reach the U.S. border"--Provided by publisher.

How Maya got fierce

"When her dream of working at Fierce, a popular magazine, comes true, seventeen-year-old Maya gets the scoop on a huge story, but wonders how long she can keep up the charade of being older than she really is"--BTCat.

The lollipop kids

"Years ago, early settlers locked these monsters away in a secret prison deep in the woods of New Amsterdam so they would never return to the Old World again. Those woods became New York's Central Park, and now the monsters have escaped! Nick, age fourteen, finds out that he is a "legacy" to a secret society that, for the last 400 years, has kept these monsters in check. He and a ragtag group of kids just like him have to put the monsters back before they get out of the park and destroy the city"--Provided by publisher.


"Things have taken a dark turn for Jonah and Kayla, and lines have been drawn. Kayla rages against the machine that is Foresight as a rebellious freedom fighter in an underground resistance movement for people with enhancements. She desperately seeks answers while trying to break into the cryptic Orphanage site. Meanwhile, Jonah is being captive and experimented on by the very same Foresight. Through the use of virtual reality programming, they test Jonah's abilities to the point of near-death. Will our heroes ever be reunited, or have they lost to each other forever?"--Provided by publisher.

Lifetime passes

". . . a group of teens starts a program to bring senior citizens to a local theme park to take advantage of the unofficial park policy: If someone dies on the property, the rest of their party is given lifetime passes"--Provided by publisher.


"Cryptids, and kittens, and costumes, on my! Neither rain nor heat nor mischievous faeries can put a damper on the fun at Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady Types! Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley are helping throw a huge, mid-summer costume bash with the rest of the Lumberjane scouts, but the decorations, snacks, and supplies keep going missing, thanks to some pesky faeries! Then, the Roanoke scouts have been cooped up inside FOREVER in the biggest rainstorm of the summer, but when a litter of mysterious, spiky green kittens wash up on their doorstep, it's up to Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley to get the kittens back home again (even though Ripley wouldreally like to keep them, obviously!)"--Provided by publisher.

Teen Killers Club

a novel
"Seventeen-year-old Signal Deere has raised eyebrows for years as an unhappy Goth misfit from the trailer park. When she's convicted of her best friend Rose's brutal murder, she's designated a Class A--the most dangerous and manipulative criminal profile. To avoid prison, Signal signs on for a secret program for 18-and-under Class As and is whisked off to an abandoned sleep-away camp, where she and seven bunkmates will train as assassins. Yet even in the Teen Killers Club, Signal doesn't fit in. She's squeamish around blood. She's kind and empathetic. And her optimistic attitude is threatening to turn a group of ragtag maniacs into a team of close-knit friends. Maybe that's because Signal's not really a killer. She was framed for Rose's murder and only joined the program to escape, track down Rose's real killer, and clear her name"--Provided by publisher.

Arifureta: from commonplace to world's strongest zero

"Armed with ancient magic and all the authority of the holy church, Laus Barn led his ruthless Templar Knights to try and subjugate the free pirates of Andika. Faced with their overwhelming power, pirate captain Meiru decides to cut a deal. In exchange for a payout, the church will look the other way and allow her to rule Andika. . .but there's one big catch. The thing the church wants most of all is possession of Meiru's little sister, and the magic she commands. With the Liberators, pirates, and church all converging on Andika, the stage is set for a dangerous confrontation!"--Back cover.

Arifureta: from commonplace to world's strongest zero

"An apostle of the false god Ehit descends upon the Liberators, prepared to inflict death and destruction without mercy. The Liberators came to the desert to recruit Naiz, the wielder of ancient spacial magics, but his refusal leaves them alone against an overwhelming foe. Do Oscar and Miledi have what it takes to survive the ruthless onslaught of a divine emissary?"--Amazon.


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