Auerbach, Annie

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Pirate adventure

But when Mickey and the gang arrive on Pirate Beach, they are not alone. The weasels want to treasure hunt, too! Who will find the coveted treasure chest first?.

Meet the Firebuds

These children of first responders want to help others, just like their parents. They roll with their trusty talking vehicle sidekicks, also known as their vroom-mates.

The summer snow day

When the Funhouse Forest is in the middle of a heat wave, there's only one thing to do: make our own magical Snow Day! Join Mickey, Funny, and their friends as they cool off in the heat of summer!.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Various Disney Junior characters celebrate Valentine's Day, including Vampirina, Minnie Mouse, and Pip and Freddy.

The three little pigs fight back

"The three little pigs aren't afraid of the Big Bad Wolf--but zombies are another story! The pigs must use the plants in their garden to fight off the fun-dead. Will they be able to plant fast enough to save their brainy-brain-brains?"--Back cover.

Bunga the brave

Looks at Kion's friend, Bunga, a honey badger.

We are the Lion Guard

Looks at what Kion's Roar of the Elders can do.

Family pride

Looks at Kion and his lion family.

Kion's roar

Looks at what Kion's Roar of the Elders can do.


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