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folklore, the hypermodern, and the ethereal

Good girls die first

The threat of blackmail lures sixteen-year-old aspiring photographer Ava and nine other teens--all with secrets they intend to protect whatever the cost--to an abandoned amusement park on Portgrave Pier, and when bad weather and magic cut them off from the mainland, Ava and the others begin turning on each other, one by one.

What big teeth

Returning to Maine after years at boarding school, Eleanor Zarrin barely remembers her monstrous family, but she sets off a series of events that could destroy them all.

Never a doll moment

A slumber party at Grandma Cole's house turns into a never-sleep-again party when Andres and Desmond discover her home is full of haunted dolls.

The Cryptid Club

"The Cryptid Club has found its next case. There is strange writing on the bathroom stalls, and someone has stolen all the paper and pens. When a monster starts popping up in every toilet around the school and the principal is forced to close all the bathrooms, Lily, Henry, Oliver, and Ernie must solve the mystery of the Loch Ness monster before the whole school can't hold it in any longer!"--OCLC.

The Cryptid Club

"Lily knows better than to listen to the gossip her little brother, Henry, has heard, but when her school newspaper needs a big headline, the rumor that Bigfoot has been spotted is the best lead she's got. But when claw marks appear on the football equipment and excessive animal hair starts clogging-up the gym showers, Lily knows she can't be afraid. This is her opportunity to break the story wide-open. But can Lily, Henry, and Oliver, the neighbor-kid they're babysitting, discover what Bigfoot wants before it's too late?"--Provided by publisher.


Fearless #1
While rehearsing what may be the last show in the Ethel Merman Theater, twelve-year-old Monica Garcia and other cast members are locked in and must try to appease a ghost and reverse a curse.

Black Sand Beach

"Dash and his crew might have found the source of the evil at Black Sand Beach in a haunted lighthouse. But when Lily reveals that she found Dash's journal there, Dash doesn't know what she's talking about. He's never seen this journal, and it's from last summer. Dash wasn't at Black Sand Beach the summer before. As Dash, Lily, Eleanor, and Andy read the journal together, it reveals Dash's encounters with two ghost girls. Another truly horrible monster. And a life changing event makes things startling clear: Black Sand Beach isn't done with them yet"--Provided by publisher.

The Brothers Flick

"A bump in the night? They're on the case! At Strander House, things are . . . weird. There's an ogre wedged in the closet, and you have to be careful not to slip on the leak coming from the ocean in the attic. What's possibly weirder than the fact that you can walk into the bathroom and end up in next Tuesday are the four brothers who investigate these strange supernatural occurrences . . . the Brothers Flick! Leo, Desmond, Remy, and Cub seek to get to the bottom of every shadow you swear you saw move. If they happen to stumble upon answers to the mysterious disappearance of their own family along the way, all the better"--Back cover.


"Last Halloween, Eleanor, Pip, and Otto narrowly escaped the clutches of the evil January Society and their leader. But life in the too-quiet Eden Eld isn't safe just yet: according to the bargain they made with Mr. January, it's now his sister's turn to hunt the three of them. And her methods are a bit more treacherous. When their friends and neighbors begin disappearing, abducted by strange, mud-drenched monsters, Elanor and her two best friends must race to uncover their enemy's secrets. If they fail, their families will be next. Stalked by the relentless mud beasts, they have to find a way to escape using their trusty book of twisted fairy tales, their wits, and their friendship. but they quickly learn that the power of the stories they've turned to for help has a stronger hold on them and their futures than they realized. Even if Eleanor and her friends survive, they won't end this journey the same people"--Provided by publisher.


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