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After the Arab uprisings

progress and stagnation in the Middle East and North Africa
"The Arab uprisings that engulfed the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) produced domestic shocks to a regional state system known for its authoritarian durability and resistance to democracy. Beginning in Tunisia in late 2010 and quickly spreading to Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, the uprisings differed in degree and scope, resulting in divergent outcomes for the people and places of the region. As the uprisings grew, state responses varied significantly. Some regimes were overthrown following decades of rule while others acquiesced to citizen demands by engaging in various concessionmaking processes. Several states repressed the protest movements to sustain their hold on power, and Egypt's authoritarianism reemerged following regime change. Only Tunisia embarked on a procedural and consensual democratic transition that won international accolades and a 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for four civil society organizations called the National Dialogue Quartet"--.

The Arabian nights

tales of wonder and magnificence
A collection of tales told by Scheherazade to save herself and other young girls from death at the Sultan's hands.


"Aladdin finds a magic lamp, and his life is forever changed!"--Back cover.


Aladdin is a ragged, street smart youth who dreams of a better life and a chance to win the heart of the sultan's daughter, Princess Jasmine.

Arab fairy tale feasts

a literary cookbook
"Award-winning writer and storyteller, Karim Alrawi, draws on his deep knowledge of Arab culture to create original stories that are a feast for young imaginations. Told with intriguing details, the tales take young readers on a ... cultural journey and invite them to consider an Arab perspective. Each tale symbolically incorporates food and concludes with a traditional recipe, ... with colorful folkloric illustrations, making this a literary banquet to savor with family and friends across generations time and again" -- Amazon.

Ali Baba

fooling the forty thieves : an Arabian tale
Retells the classic tale of how Ali Baba stumbles upon some priceless treasures and decides to keep some of them for himself, but soon his secret gets out.

Famous stories for pleasure reading

A retelling, in simple vocabulary, of sixteen of the most famous of the Arabian Nights stories.

Aladdin and other favorite Arabian nights stories

An illustrated selection of six stories from "The Arabian Nights," including the favorites "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp," and "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.".

Tales from the Arabian nights

stories of adventure, magic, love, and betrayal
A collection of tales told by Scheherazade to amuse the cruel sultan and stop him from executing her as he had his other daily wives.

Disney's Aladdin

A retelling of the adventures of Aladdin, who, with the aid of a genie from a magic lamp, fights an evil sorcerer and wins the hand of a beautiful princess.
Cover image of Disney's Aladdin


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