Kulling, Monica

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Lumpito and the painter from Spain

Lump the dachshund is excited to escape his housemate, Big Dog the bully, and to visit a painter in southern France. There Lump and Pablo Picasso become fast friends, and the little dog finds a new name and a new home.

Susan B. Anthony

her fight for equal rights
Looks at the life of women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony.

Aunt Pearl

"Aunt Pearl arrives one day pushing a shopping cart full of her worldly goods. Her sister Rose has invited her to come live with her family. Six-year-old Marta is happy to meet her aunt, who takes her out to look for treasure on garbage day, and who shows her camp group how to decorate a coffee table with bottle caps. But almost immediately, Pearl and Rose start to clash--over Pearl's belongings crammed into the house, and over Rose's household rules. As the weeks pass, Pearl grows quieter and more withdrawn, until, one morning, she is gone"--OCLC.

Eleanor Everywhere

Profiles the first wife of a president to have a public life and career of her own, devoted to helping others and working for peace.

Francis Scott Key's Star-spangled banner

Provides a brief account of the life of Francis Scott Key and describes the events that led to his composition of national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner.".

Ruby's hope

a story of how the famous "migrant mother" photograph became the face of the great depression
During the Great Depression, seven-year-old Ruby's family leaves their Oklahoma home to seek work in California, where Ruby meets Dorothea Lange, who takes a photograph that becomes known as "Migrant mother." Includes historical note.
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Sky high

George Ferris's big wheel
Describes the invention of the Ferris wheel for the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. Discusses George Ferris's boyhood love of the waterwheel, his education, his crazy idea, and the obstacles he had to overcome to build the world's first Ferris wheel.
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Eat my dust!

Relates the excitement caused by Henry Ford as he drove the "horseless carriage" he built, particularly when he decided to win a race to get money to build a new car that anyone could afford.

Eliza Hamilton

founding mother
A biography of unsung Founding Mother Eliza Hamilton, wife of Alexander Hamilton and the co-founder and deputy director of an orphanage in New York City.
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