(fictitious character)

(fictitious character)

A gift from Daniel

Daniel Tiger wants to give his friends and family special presents, but he doesn't have enough money to buy them! Then his mom reminds him that homemade gifts are even better than store-bought, and Daniel learns to embrace his creativity and the joy of giving.

Pirate adventure

But when Mickey and the gang arrive on Pirate Beach, they are not alone. The weasels want to treasure hunt, too! Who will find the coveted treasure chest first?.

Monster truck

Little Critter wants a new toy Squisher truck! For two weeks, Little Critter does chores to pay for it--he lets the dog in, takes out the trash, and cleans his room. When he finally has enough money, the toy store is all sold out. To cheer Little Critter up, his dad takes him to Uncle Zeb's monster truck rally. From seeing tricks on two wheels to riding in an actual monster truck, Little Critter has the best time ever! But will Little Critter ever get his Squisher truck?.


Being sick is no fun for anyone, but Funny's sneezes are extra funny! Every sneeze sends Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the gang through the wrong Adventure Doors. Will Funny ever feel better?.

How to draw Wonder Woman manga!

"Wonder Woman and manga unite! Put a new spin on mythical Super Heroes and Super-Villains, and learn how to draw them as dynamic manga characters. Easy-to-follow steps start with simple lines and progress to fully colored figures that practically leap off the page. Along the way, discover interesting Japanese comics facts and tips for punching up your artwork. Packed full of stunning illustrations, this guide will inspire creativity and help artists of all levels reimagine the Amazing Amazon Princess, Steve Trevor, The Cheetah, Ares, and more as manga style masterpieces!"--.


Children version of Scully and Mulder go searching for aliens during their sleepover.

The science of Harry Potter

the spellbinding science behind the magic, gadgets, potions, and more!
"Examines the scientific principles behind some of your favorite characters, spells, items, and scenes from the Harry Potter universe, providing in-depth analysis and scientific facts to support its theories"--OCLC.

Harry Potter and the art of spying

young agent edition
Presents a collection of mazes, fill-in-the-blanks, crosswords, and other activities that help the reader learn about being a spy featuring Harry Potter, his friends, and enemies.

Red riding hood

"Revisit the tale of Red Riding Hood. A visit to her grandmother turns dangerous with the addition of a wolf! Will Red Riding Hood make it there safely, or fall victim to the wolf's traps?"--Provided by publisher.

Iron Man. Books of Korvac I

"Iron Man finds himself marooned in a small colony on a remote planet! Life here seems perfect... but who's pulling the strings behind its delicate design? As Tony digs deeper for answers, a message from home warns him that Korvac is still a threat... but recovering from his many recent injuries means pain medication. Will Tony succumb to the temptation that has plagued him for years? Either way, Iron Man will soon face a cosmic showdown on the deck of Galactus' worldship. And if he manages to survive unscathed, he must battle Korvac's zealous and powerful disciples: the Controller, the Unicorn, Blizzard -- and a robotically enslaved Original Human Torch! Tony sure could use some friends right about now"--Provided by publisher.


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