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21st century

The spoken word revolution

(slam, hip hop, & the poetry of a new generation)
Presents over forty poems of slam, hip-hop, Taos, Nuyorican, performance art, and other contemporary styles, featuring such authors as Sherman Alexie, Edward Hirsch, Viggo Mortensen, and Patricia Smith. Also includes performances on audio CD.

Cat's cradle

In the year 2000, a young man discovers ice-nine, which can set off a chain reaction more deadly than a nuclear bomb, and a new prophet whose teachings sweep the world.

Islamic fundamentalism

Contains twelve essays that offer varying perspectives on issues related to Islamic fundamentalism, including jihad, institutionalized Christianity inciting the growth of Islamism, the United States' relation to Islamism, and other topics; and provides contact information for organizations and a bibliography.

The invisible wall

a love story that broke barriers
The author describes growing up in a mill town in northern England where Jews lived on one side of the street and Christians lived on the other side.

Those who forget the past

the question of anti-Semitism
Contains nearly fifty essays in which a variety of writers and intellectuals explore questions of anti-Semitism and its reawakening in the twenty-first century.

Never again, again, again...

genocide: Armenia, The Holocaust, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Darfur
A photographic essay with text on the six major genocides of the 20th and 21st centuries: Armenia, the Holocaust, Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda and Darfur. More than a chronicle of dates and death tolls, it gives a personal history of victims, perpetrators and consequences. With texts by Terry George, Dr. Richard Hovannisian, James Rosenthal, Chuck Sudetic and Ruth Messinger.


opposing viewpoints
Twenty-three essays present opposing arguments on several topics related to Islam, including the status of women under the religion, whether its values conflict with those of the West, and whether it promotes terrorism and violence. Includes an introduction, glossary, bibliographies, and a list of related organizations.

Critical perspectives on Islam and the Western world

Contains twenty articles and excerpts that provide a variety of perspectives on Islam and the Western world, discussing Islam's view of the West, the West's view of Islam, confrontation, jihad, and Islam in Europe.

The global citizen's handbook

facing our world's crises and challenges
Identifies some of the challenges and crises facing the world in the early twenty-first century, including AIDS, poverty pollution, and others, and features country comparisons, with maps, graphs, statistics, and photographs.

Double cheeseburgers, quiche, and vegetarian burritos

American cooking from the 1920s through today
An illustrated guide to the foods that have been popular in America over the last one hundred years that explores how the kitchen has evolved over time and how food and its consumption have been influenced by things such as television, fast food chains, and entertainment.


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