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Louise Bourgeois

she saw the world as a textured tapestry
Meet famous French American painter, printmaker, and sculptor Louise Bourgeois. Step into her life and learn what led her to explore her fears and emotions through her art. Learn all about her family and what inspired her to create her large spider sculptures. Have a go at producing your own art inspired by your dreams.

Love is in the air

the story of aviation pioneer Nancy Harkness Love
A picture book biography about Nancy Harkness Love, the first female to serve for the Army Air Force and instrumental in founding the Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS) in World War II.

Carrie Underwood

An elementary introduction to the life, work, and popularity of Carrie Underwood, an American country western singer known for her American Idol victory.

Rebel Girls level up

25 tales of gaming and the metaverse
"In this dynamic book, readers will learn about pioneers of the gaming industry. They'll dive into gamer communities led by popular Twitch streamers, and jump into the studio with the female creators behind some of the most popular games today. The video game industry is known for being a boys club, but 45% of the gaming community around the world is female. Highlights the amazing women designing games, leading gamer communities, and paving the way for more women to enter the gaming and tech industries.

Harriet Ross Tubman

abolitionist and activist
Presents a biography of Harriet Ross Tubman, whose experience as a slave in the South led her to seek freedom in the North for herself and others through the Underground Railroad.

Women and children first

the sinking of the Titanic
The events surrounding the sinking of the Titanic did not look the same to everyone involved. Step back in time and into the shoes of a crewmember, a first-class passenger, and a steerage passenger as readers act out scenes that took place in the midst of this historic event.

Harriet Tubman

all aboard the Underground Railroad
Surveys the life of Harriet Tubman, including her childhood in slavery and her later work in helping other slaves escape north to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

Spells for forgetting

a novel
A deeply atmospheric story about ancestral magic, an unsolved murder, and a second chance at true love.


A collection of poems about women, their strengths and beauty.

Her vol. II

A collection of poems about women, their strengths and beauty.


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