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Lion vs. tiger

Studies the physical traits and behaviors of a lion and a tiger, and theorizes who would win a fight between the two creatures. Features color photographs, fact boxes, and a checklist.

The tiger rising

Twelve-year-old Rob Horton finds a tiger in the misty Florida woods. He also meets Sistine Bailey, a girl who shows her feelings as readily as Rob hides his. As they become friends, they prove that some things--like memories, and heartache, and tigers--can't be locked up forever.

Daniel visits the doctor

"Daniel has to visit the doctor, and he's a little nervous. But with a little help from Mom and Dr. Anna, suddenly the trip isn't so scary anymore!"--Back cover.

Cat or tiger

"Cats and tigers are different animals. Cats are pets and live with people. Tigers are wild and live in nature. But these mammals do have some things in common. They both have bodies covered in fur, have claws, and wiggly tails. Get ready to discover a lot more about cats and tigers - what they share and the many ways they are different!"--Provided by publisher.

Tiger cubs in the wild

Beginning readers will learn about baby tigers as they grow up in the rain forest in Asia including the tiger cubs' appearance, diet, behaviors, and habitat.


Brimming with photos and scientific facts, Tigers treats middle-grade researchers and wild animal lovers to a comprehensive zoological profile of this majestic mammal. Includes sidebars, a range map, a glossary, and a Vietnamese tale about the big cat.

Tiger has a tantrum

a book about feeling angry
Everything seems to make Tiger angry, and when he is angry he throws a violent tantrum, scaring all the other children; and when he erupts in the library, throwing books around Miss Bird helps him calm down, and shows him how to set things right.

Rum pum pum

"'Rrrrh!' means 'Let's be friends' in tiger talk, but the other animals don't understand him and run away! Maybe the gentle 'rum-pum-pum' of the drum can help him find a friend"--Provided by publisher.

Le?n vs. tigre

Contains facts about lions and tigers, comparing such aspects as their sizes, brain structure, and abilities.

Where are you tiger?

a plastic-free touch and feel book
"Search the jungle for Tiger in the plastic-free touch and feel book. Along the way, meet Tiger's friends, including Orangutan, Rhino, and elephant. But where could Tiger be?" --.


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