The three musicians

a children's book
"Beautifully illustrated in the style of Pablo Picasso, this tale of music's ability to soothe a savage beast introduces children to aspects of the great artist's work. The kingdom of Mirador is terrified of a monstrous, fire-spewing beast that lurks just outside the village walls. No one has actually seen the creature except for the king, whose constant reminder of impending danger turns the village gloomy and joyless. One spring day a troupe of musicians and their dog enters the gates. Suddenly there is fun and romance, song and dance. The people are no longer afraid--until the loathsome beast does, in fact, appear. What happens next will delight children and adults alike as the magic of art and music transforms screams of terror into peals of laughter. Drawing on details of Pablo Picasso's masterpiece Three Musicians, artist Vanessa Hi? uses brightly hued watercolors, bold lines, and graphic images to familiarize children with Picasso's style. The book closes with a reproduction of Picasso's original painting and an engaging lesson on the artist's use of images and symbols, his fascination with theater and music, and his passionate pleas for peace in the wake of world war"--Publisher's description.

Lumpito and the painter from Spain

Lump the dachshund is excited to escape his housemate, Big Dog the bully, and to visit a painter in southern France. There Lump and Pablo Picasso become fast friends, and the little dog finds a new name and a new home.

Pablo Picasso

"Little Pablo grew up in an artistic household and after drawing his first painting at nine years old. His dad was an art teacher and helped grow his son's talent, teaching him to use oil paints. He moved first to Barcelona and then to France, where he achieved significant success, and went on to becoming one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His artistic style inspired many movements in art, music and literature, which we still see today"--OCLC.


"[Young readers are invited to] follow along with famous artist Pablo Picasso on a tour through the shapes ... [Also explores] Picasso's life, his art, and his passions"--Provided by publisher.

Pablo Picasso

Looks at the life and career of early twentieth-century Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso.

Picasso's mask

Examines the private life and painting career of Pablo Picasso.

The essential Pablo Picasso

An overview of twentieth-century artist Pablo Picasso's career, which provides reproductions of his works and discussion of his early life, his subjects, his various artistic periods, and his legacy.

Picasso, his life and work

Presents a comprehensive biography of the life and works of Pablo Picasso, and chronicles his youth, life in Spain and France, his various artistic periods, and much more.

Picasso and the girl with a ponytail

a story about Pablo Picasso
Sylvette gradually begins to gain self-confidence during the summer she models for the renowned artist Pablo Picasso in the French village of Vallauris.
Cover image of Picasso and the girl with a ponytail

Pablo Picasso

Discusses the life, art, and legacy of the artist Pablo Picasso. Includes a timeline linking the events in his life with world events.
Cover image of Pablo Picasso


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