Patterson, James

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ER nurses

true stories from America's greatest unsung heroes
"James Patterson and Matt Eversmann, #1 bestselling coauthors of Walk in My Combat Boots, powerfully present the medical frontline heroes who work to save our lives every day: E.R. Nurses. Around the clock, across the country, these highly skilled and compassionate men and women sacrifice and struggle for us and our families. You have never heard their true stories. Not like this. From big-city and small-town hospitals. From behind the scenes. From the heart. This book will make you laugh, make you cry, make you understand. When we're at our worst, E.R. nurses are at their best"

The secret detective

"Ali Cross and his friends chase police cases while Ali is caught up in a debate about policing"--Provided by publisher.

Best nerds forever

"Rendered a ghost by a bicycle accident, young Finn McAllister teams up with fellow spirit Isabella Rojas to commit invisible pranks on the living, before discovering that they cannot move on to the afterlife"--OCLC.

Minerva Keen's Detective Club

"Twelve-year-old Minerva Keen forms a detective club to uncover who is poisoning residents of her storied Chicago apartment building, knowing that any one of her neighbors could be the poisoner--or the next victim"--Provided by publisher.

Becoming Muhammad Ali

a novel
"A biographical novel tells the story of Cassius Clay, the determined boy who would one day become Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time"--OCLC.

Big top bonanza

"Junior is in for a barking big adventure when the circus comes to town!"--Provided by publisher.

The summer house

"When seven murder victims are found in a small town, the homicide investigation shakes a small-town sheriff to her core"--OCLC.

The perfect assassin

Prof. Brandt Savage--grandson of the legendary action hero--is forced into a top-secret training program where he discovers his true the perfect assassin. Dr. Brandt Savage is on sabbatical from the University of Chicago. Instead of doing solo fieldwork in anthropology, the gawky, bespectacled PhD finds himself enrolled in a school where he is the sole pupil. His professor, "Meed," is demanding. She's also his captor. Savage emerges from their intensive training sessions physically and mentally transformed, but with no idea why he's been chosen, and how he'll use his fearsome abilities. Then his first mission with Meed takes them back to her own training ground, where Savage learns how deeply entwined their two lives have been. To prevent a new class of killers from escaping this harsh place where their ancestors first fought to make a better world, they must pledge anew : Do right to all, and wrong to no one.

Walk the Blue Line

Police officers share their experiences while protecting, serving, and defending people and communities, showcasing the courage, anger, and joy that can be found.

Jacky Ha-Ha gets the last laugh

Twelve-year-old Jacky spends the last weeks of summer at theater camp with new friends, lots of jokes, and plenty of drama.


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