Geographic Name

The legend of the gathers

protectors of light
Set in Corning in the year 1880 and follows the adventures of young Jacklyn "Jack" Styles and a rather curious pug named Fetch as they discover mysterious lights appearing throughout Corning.

Rima's rebellion

courage in a time of tyranny
In 1920s Cuba, Rima is bullied and shunned for her illegitimacy, but finds solace in riding her horse and forges unexpected friendships with others who share her dreams of freedom and suffrage. Includes historical note.

Last night at the Hollywood Canteen

a novel
Murder mystery playwright Annie Laurence, new in town after a devastating breakup, definitely hopes to rub elbows with the right stars. Maybe then she can get her movie made. But when despised film critic Fiona Farris is found dead in the Canteen kitchen, Annie realizes any one of the Canteen's luminous volunteers could be guilty of the crime. To catch the killer, Annie falls in with Fiona's friends, a bitter and cynical group; each as uniquely unhappy in their life and career as Annie is in hers; that call themselves the Ambassador's Club. Solving a murder in real life, it turns out, is a lot harder than writing one for the stage. And by involving herself in the secrets and lies of the Ambassador's Club, Annie just might have put a target on her own back.

Shoot the moon

a novel
Intelligent but isolated recent physics graduate Annie Fisk feels an undeniable pull toward space. Her childhood memories dimmed by loss, she has left behind her home, her family, and her first love in pursuit of intellectual fulfillment. When she finally lands a job as a NASA secretary during the Apollo 11 mission, the work is everything she dreamed, and while she feels a budding attraction to one of the engineers, she can?t get distracted. Not now. When her inability to ignore mistaken calculations propels her into a new position, Annie finds herself torn between her ambition, her heart, and a mysterious discovery that upends everything she knows to be scientifically true. Can she overcome her doubts and reach beyond the limits of time and space?.

Reckless girls

When they arrive at Meroe Island, a remote island paradise in the South Pacific with a mysterious history of shipwrecks, cannibalism, and murder, six adventurous travelers find their dream vacation turning into a nightmare when history starts repeating itself.

Red X

a novel
Gay men disappear from Toronto, and amidst the AIDS crisis, police brutality, and other signs of homophobia over the years, nobody seems to care about it except the gay community, which begins to realize that what has been happening has been going on for a much longer period than seems to be humanly possible, in a novel that also reflects the author's personal experiences.

The sanatorium

Accompanying family members to an isolated Swiss Alps hotel to recuperate from a traumatizing case, a woman detective uncovers the fates of long-ago tuberculosis patients who went missing from the property years earlier when it operated as a sanatorium.

At the river

The mystery of three missing teens and a traumatizing murder unearths decades of buried secrets in a shocking novel of suspense.

The letter tree

a novel
Buffalo, NY, 1924. Laura Bradshaw adores stories with happily ever afters. But since her mother died seven years ago, the Bradshaw Shoe Company heiress has been as good as locked away in a tower. Her overbearing father cares little for her dreams, throwing himself instead into his tireless takedown of his competitor, the Campbell Shoe Company. However, Laura has been gifted with a reprieve: a mysterious friend with whom she's been exchanging letters.


After a vagrant finds a dog wandering alone carrying a scrap of paper with the words "HELP US" attached to its collar, Caffery races against time to find the dog's owners, while a wealthy local family, held hostage in their remote home, fight for their lives.


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