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The legend of the gathers

protectors of light
Set in Corning in the year 1880 and follows the adventures of young Jacklyn "Jack" Styles and a rather curious pug named Fetch as they discover mysterious lights appearing throughout Corning.

Star Wars

meet the galactic heroes
Padawans learning to read will love this introductory approach to the Force.

Don't let her stay

Joanne knows how lucky she is. Richard is a wonderful husband, Evie is the most gorgeous baby girl, they live in a beautiful house. Life couldn't be better. But then Richard's twenty-year-old daughter Chloe turns up. Chloe hasn't spoken to her father since the day he married Joanne two years ago. But with the arrival of her baby sister Evie, Chloe wants to make peace. Richard is delighted, and since Joanne is struggling with the new baby, he suggests Chloe could move in and help. It sounds like the perfect solution, even if Chloe doesn't seem to like Joanne very much. But Joanne understands its not easy for her, and she's prepared to give her time. But then things happen that make Joanne feel like she's losing her mind. She misplaces things, misses important appointments, gets dates wrong Could Joanne be going mad, just like her own mother? Or is something more sinister happening? Is Chloe really here to help? Or has Joanne made a terrible mistake by letting her move in? And is it too late to ask her to leave?.

Rima's rebellion

courage in a time of tyranny
In 1920s Cuba, Rima is bullied and shunned for her illegitimacy, but finds solace in riding her horse and forges unexpected friendships with others who share her dreams of freedom and suffrage. Includes historical note.

The book of cold cases

When Shea Collins, who runs a true crime website gets a chance to interview Beth Greer, an infamous woman acquitted of two cold case slayings, she senses something is not right and wonders if she is in the presence of a manipulative murderer.

Spells for forgetting

a novel
A deeply atmospheric story about ancestral magic, an unsolved murder, and a second chance at true love.

Last night at the Hollywood Canteen

a novel
Murder mystery playwright Annie Laurence, new in town after a devastating breakup, definitely hopes to rub elbows with the right stars. Maybe then she can get her movie made. But when despised film critic Fiona Farris is found dead in the Canteen kitchen, Annie realizes any one of the Canteen's luminous volunteers could be guilty of the crime. To catch the killer, Annie falls in with Fiona's friends, a bitter and cynical group; each as uniquely unhappy in their life and career as Annie is in hers; that call themselves the Ambassador's Club. Solving a murder in real life, it turns out, is a lot harder than writing one for the stage. And by involving herself in the secrets and lies of the Ambassador's Club, Annie just might have put a target on her own back.

What lies between us

They say every house has its secrets, and the house that Maggie and Nina have shared for so long is no different. Except that these secrets are not buried in the past. Every other night, Maggie and Nina have dinner together. When they are finished, Nina helps Maggie back to her room in the attic, and into the heavy chain that keeps her there. Because Maggie has done things to Nina that can?t ever be forgiven, and now she is paying the price. But there are many things about the past that Nina doesn?t know, and Maggie is going to keep it that way, even if it kills her. Because in this house, the truth is more dangerous than lies.

What lies between the lakes

a Burgers Brothers story
For a competitive price, Donnie and Frank Burgers? Funeral Home will help bury your loved ones. For the right price, Frank Burgers will dig them back up. clayThis scheme brings in extra money for the home but lands Frank in a morbid mess. Picking up where The Burgers Brothers? Family Funeral Home left off, Frank discovers an anonymous package left at his front door. Inside is damning evidence of his lucrative grave robbing.

Shoot the moon

a novel
Intelligent but isolated recent physics graduate Annie Fisk feels an undeniable pull toward space. Her childhood memories dimmed by loss, she has left behind her home, her family, and her first love in pursuit of intellectual fulfillment. When she finally lands a job as a NASA secretary during the Apollo 11 mission, the work is everything she dreamed, and while she feels a budding attraction to one of the engineers, she can?t get distracted. Not now. When her inability to ignore mistaken calculations propels her into a new position, Annie finds herself torn between her ambition, her heart, and a mysterious discovery that upends everything she knows to be scientifically true. Can she overcome her doubts and reach beyond the limits of time and space?.


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