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The book of cold cases

When Shea Collins, who runs a true crime website gets a chance to interview Beth Greer, an infamous woman acquitted of two cold case slayings, she senses something is not right and wonders if she is in the presence of a manipulative murderer.

Last night at the Hollywood Canteen

a novel
Murder mystery playwright Annie Laurence, new in town after a devastating breakup, definitely hopes to rub elbows with the right stars. Maybe then she can get her movie made. But when despised film critic Fiona Farris is found dead in the Canteen kitchen, Annie realizes any one of the Canteen's luminous volunteers could be guilty of the crime. To catch the killer, Annie falls in with Fiona's friends, a bitter and cynical group; each as uniquely unhappy in their life and career as Annie is in hers; that call themselves the Ambassador's Club. Solving a murder in real life, it turns out, is a lot harder than writing one for the stage. And by involving herself in the secrets and lies of the Ambassador's Club, Annie just might have put a target on her own back.

Reckless girls

When they arrive at Meroe Island, a remote island paradise in the South Pacific with a mysterious history of shipwrecks, cannibalism, and murder, six adventurous travelers find their dream vacation turning into a nightmare when history starts repeating itself.


an awakening of terror
Mary is a quiet, middle-aged woman doing her best to blend into the background. Unremarkable. Invisible. Unknown even to herself. But lately, things have been changing inside Mary. Along with the hot flashes and body aches, she can't look in a mirror without passing out, and the voices in her head have been urging her to do unspeakable things. Fired from her job in New York, she moves back to her hometown, hoping to reconnect with her past and inner self. Instead, visions of terrifying, mutilated specters overwhelm her with increasing regularity and she begins auto-writing strange thoughts and phrases. Mary discovers that these experiences are echoes of an infamous serial killer. Then the killings begin again. Mary's definitely going to find herself.

Theme music

Dixie Wheeler, whose father murdered her mother and brothers when she was one-year old, moves into her family's old house. She begins to think either the place is haunted or she is losing her mind and begins to investigate the murders.

Summer rental

Riley March and her friends are headed to ritzy, remote Palm Key Island for one last blow-out party weekend before college. It?s the vacation of a lifetime: beautiful beaches, epic nightlife, and hot guys like Riley?s crush; superstar soccer player Sebastian Ramos. There?s just one catch. Everyone on this trip is hiding something. Riley is hiding her past in order to fit in. Sebastian is hiding his feelings for Riley. And someone is hiding what really happened to Jordyn Chang, a classmate that mysteriously died last summer.

At the river

The mystery of three missing teens and a traumatizing murder unearths decades of buried secrets in a shocking novel of suspense.


In this chilling, seamlessly-plotted thriller, British detective Jack Caffery must find a dangerous mental patient on the loose before he can kill again?.


Detective Jack Caffery investigates a series of possible suicides that appear to have a connection with Elf's Grotto in Bristol, but with help from police diver Flea Marley, Caffery discovers more evidence that points to an insane predator obsessed with skin.


Nine feet under water, police diver Flea Marley closes her gloved fingers around a human hand. The fact that there's no body attached is disturbing enough, until the discovery of the matching appendage a day later. Both hands have been freshly amputated, and there are indications that the victim was still alive when they were removed. Newly seconded to the Major Crime Investigation Unit in Bristol, DI Jack Caffery soon establishes that the hands belong to a young man who has recently disappeared. As Caffery and Marley search for the rest of the victim and for his abductor, they journey into the darkest recesses of Bristol's underworld, where drug addiction is rife, street kids sell themselves for a hit, and a disturbing occult ritual may be making an unexpected appearance.


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