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korean americans

Archer's quest

Twelve-year-old Kevin Kim helps Chu-mong, a legendary king of ancient Korea, return to his own time.

Danbi's favorite day

Danbi invites her friends to celebrate Children's Day like she did in Korea and is worried the picnic behind her parents' deli falls short of the kites and magic train rides she promised her friends.

The space between here & now

"Seventeen-year-old Aimee Roh has Sensory Time Warp Syndrome, a rare condition that causes her to time travel to a moment in her life when she smells something linked to that memory. . . . Aimee's fear of vanishing at random has kept her from living a normal life. When Aimee disappears for nine hours into a memory of her estranged mom . . . she becomes distraught. Not only was this her longest disappearance yet, but the memory doesn't match up with the story of how her mom left, at least, not the version she's always heard from her dad. Desperate for answers, Aimee travels to Korea, where she unravels the mystery of her memories, the truth about her mother, and the reason she keeps returning to certain moments in her life"--OCLC.

Happiness falls

a novel
"When Mia's father doesn't come home from a walk in the local nature reserve, she doesn't think much of it. He must've turned off his phone. Or his battery died. Or he probably stopped for an errand--but doing what exactly? Soon more questions arise and it becomes clear to Mia and her family that he is missing. Or is he?"--Provided by publisher.

The last fallen moon

Riley Oh ventures into the Spiritrealm, where she hopes to convince Saint Heo Jun to become the new patron god of the Gom clan and restore their healing powers.

The Last Fallen Realm

Thirteen year-old Riley was not born to be a leader, but the magical community thinks she and her adopted brother, Dahl, are meant to lead the world into the Age of the Final Eclipse, so now the one thing Riley must do is believe in herself.

Made in Korea

"Two entrepreneurial Korean-American teens butt heads--and fall in love--while running competing Korean beauty businesses at their high school"--.

It's girls like you, Mickey

"Mickey faces a lot of challenges when starting seventh grade, but an instant connection with new student Sun Joo improves her outlook until Sydney, popular and mean, decides to make Sun Joo her friend"--Provided by publisher.

Gorgeous gruesome faces

Disgraced teen idol Sunny, comes face to face with Candie, her former bandmate, and the demons of their shared past when the two enter a K-pop competition that devolves into a deadly nightmare.

Colliding worlds of Mina Lee

Seventeen-year-old Korean American Mina Lee's life is disrupted when she finds herself sucked into the world of her own webcomic.


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