Goldstein, Margaret J

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The genius of Microsoft

how Bill Gates and Windows changed the world
With its groundbreaking Windows operating system, Microsoft transformed personal computing. Learn how founder Bill Gates turned Microsoft into one of the biggest companies in the world using cool technology and the power of coding.

The genius of Apple

how Tim Cook and personal computing changed the world
Since Steve Jobs helped found Apple in 1976, the company has been at the cutting edge of computing, introducing the world to personal computers, the iPhone, and more. Learn about Apple's past, present, and future.

The genius of Google

how Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and a search engine changed the world
Search engines allow us to find almost anything on the internet. But it wasn't always this easy. Find out more about the creation of Google, how it's expanded, and what's next for the innovative company.

The genius of Amazon

how Jeff Bezos and online shopping changed the world
Amazon has revolutionized online shopping, growing quickly to one of the biggest companies in the world. Learn how Amazon became the tech giant it is today and get a glimpse of what's coming next.

Mysteries of alien life

Young readers will learn about the current scientific mysteries surrounding extraterrestrial life.

Heroes of the pandemic

"Discover how everyday people became heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. From medical workers fighting on the frontlines to farmers growing fresh food, readers will uncover how people helped one another during a global health crisis"--.

Elon Musk

Tesla founder and titan of tech
"Born in South Africa in 1971, young Elon Musk loved inventions. He later founded Tesla, SpaceX, and the company that would become PayPal. Read about how Musk became one of the world's most famous entrepreneurs"--Provided by publisher.

Discover Venus

"Up-to-date scientific information will engage readers as they learn about Venus. With a focus on STEM and new discoveries, this informative text examines the planet Venus and discusses what scientists hope to learn about it"--Provided for publisher.

Discover Neptune

"STEM highlights and information about recent scientific discoveries teach readers about Neptune, from its geography and climate to the ways it has been explored and what scientists hope to find out in the future"--Provided by publisher.

Discover Earth

"With a focus on STEM and late-breaking information, this book shows how scientists have made discoveries about Earth throughout history and how they will continue to do so in the future"--Provided by publisher.


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