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The true gift

While spending Christmas at their grandparents' farm, Lily becomes convinced that her younger brother Liam is right about White Cow being lonely and helps him seek a companion for the cow, leaving little time for Christmas preparations or reading.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's library

the graphic novel
"Twelve-year-old Kyle gets to stay overnight in the new town library, designed by his hero (the famous gamemaker Luigi Lemoncello), with other students but finds that come morning he must work with friends to solve puzzles in order to escape.".

Kind of a big deal

After months of failed Broadway auditions high school dropout Josie Pie, feeling directionless in Montana, finds escape in the local bookstore but soon finds herself living inside the stories as her reality begins to unravel.

A witch's printing office

"What nerd wouldn't enjoy exploring an RPG-style world? Not Mika Kamiya! She was just about to enjoy her post-Comic Market haul when fate whisked her away to a fantasy land. All Mika wants is to find a way home, so she's hunting for spells-but rather than search all over, they'll be coming to her to attend her magical-book-selling event, Magic Market! With a very 'animated' catalog of guests, eccentric attendees, and out-of-control lines, what could possibly go wrong?!" -- Back cover.

The Alcatraz escape

Emily and James compete in an epic escape-room challenge on Alcatraz Island, designed by game-maker Garrison Griswold and mystery writer Errol Ray. Soon, James and Emily discover that they are being targeted, and uncover a dangerous plot involving Emily's brother, Matthew. They must then solve the mystery that will lead them to the saboteur while also trying to escape the harrowing Alcatraz underground.

A witch's printing office

"Mika has been trying to get home to Japan for a long time. But how did she first learn to wield the copy magic at the heart of Protagonist Press, and how did she meet Kiriko and Lio? As the group reminisces, new challenges keep their focus on the present--including a rival printing press, an assassin, as well as an ancient and powerful threat!"--OCLC.

The bright book of life

novels to read and reread
"In . . . [this] book devoted exclusively to narrative fiction, America's . . . literary critic and . . . Yale professor [Harold Bloom] writes trenchantly about . . . [forty-eight] masterworks spanning the Western tradition"--Provided by publisher.

Horseback librarians

Celebrates the work of librarians in the twentieth-century American South who delivered books to remote families by horseback. Follows librarian Anna Mary and her horse, Sand, as they travel through rural Kentucky providing books to children. Includes an author's note.

Polly Diamond and the topsy-turvy day

Disappointed that the new class pet is just a hamster, Polly uses her magic book, Spell, to conjure up a more interesting pet--and than has to figure out how to resolve the resulting topsy turvy chaos.

Big truck day

"Get ready for Big Truck Day! Friends and neighbors of all ages head to the library for a very special event-a book drive-and the unveiling of a new library bookmobile made possible by donations from the community. Joyful verses about reading, sharing, and trucks and vehicles of all kinds and sizes-especially bookmobiles!"--.


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