The other family doctor

a veterinarian explores what animals can teach us about love, life, and mortality
Karen Fine always knew that she wanted to be a vet and wasn't going to let anything stop her: not her allergy to cats, and not the fact that in the '80s veterinary medicine was still a mostly male profession. Inspired by her grandfather, a compassionate doctor who paid house calls to all his (human) patients, Dr. Fine persevered, and brought her Oupa's principles into her own practice, which emphasizes the need to contextualize pets' care in terms of their stories.

Brown boy

a memoir
In a tough neighborhood on the outskirts of Toronto, miles away from wealthy white downtown, Omer Aziz struggles to find his place as a first-generation Pakistani Muslim boy. He fears the violence and despair of the world around him, and sees a dangerous path ahead, succumbing to aimlessness, apathy, and rage. In his senior year of high school, Omer quickly begins to realize that education can open up the wider world. But as he falls in love with books, and makes his way to Queen's University in Ontario, Sciences Po in Paris, Cambridge University in England, and finally Yale Law School, he continually confronts his own feelings of doubt and insecurity at being an outsider, a brown-skinned boy in an elite white world. He is searching for community and identity, asking questions of himself and those he encounters, and soon finds himself in difficult situations; whether in the suburbs of Paris or at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Yet the more books Omer reads and the more he moves through elite worlds, his feelings of shame and powerlessness only grow stronger, and clear answers recede further away.

The man who could move clouds

a memoir
The author shares her experience with temporary amnesia and the family secrets she uncovered when she regained her memory.

Muddy people

a Muslim coming of age
In this real-life coming age story for anyone who's ever struggled to figure out where they belong, the author, originally from Egypt, learns to navigate the social dynamics of their new home, from crushes, school and friends to her loving, but flawed family.

Beyond the wand

the magic and mayhem of growing up a wizard
From the magical moments on set as Draco Malfoy to the challenges of growing up in the spotlight, get a backstage pass into Tom Felton's life on and off the big screen.

The courage to be free

Florida's blueprint for America's revival
What Florida has done is establish a blueprint for governance that has produced tangible results while serving as a rebuke to the entrenched elites who have driven our nation into the ground. Florida is proof positive that we the people are not powerless in the face of these elites.

Under the Naga Tail

a true story of survival, bravery, and escape from the Cambodian Genocide
In 1975, the Khmer Rouge had overthrown the Cambodian government, and the country was in upheaval. Mae Taing and his family acclimated to living under an authoritarian regime, but everything changed when Khmer Rouge soldiers began forcing the residents of their municipality to evacuate. Told they would be temporarily relocated, the Taing family had their homes confiscated. Those who resisted were sent for reeducation or executed. Eventually detained, Taing found himself at the mercy of cruel soldiers.

The family outing

a memoir
Jessi Hempel was raised in a seemingly picture-perfect, middle-class American family. Growing up, Jessi and her two siblings struggled to make sense of their family, their world, their changing bodies, and the emotional turmoil each was experiencing. And each, in their own way, was hiding their true self from the world. By the time Jessi reached adulthood, everyone in her family had come out: Jessi as gay, her sister as bisexual, her father as gay, her brother as transgender, and her mother as a survivor of a traumatic experience with an alleged serial killer. Yet coming out was just the beginning, starting a chain reaction of other personal revelations and reckonings that caused each of them to question their place in the world in new and ultimately liberating ways.

How do I un-remember this?

unfortunately true stories
Growing up in small-town Ohio isn't easy, particularly when you're a closeted gay kid surrounded by... no one openly gay. Luckily, Danny Pellegrino grew up in the '90s, coming of age when the internet opened up a whole new world for a curious kid itching for life outside of Midwest suburbia. Danny escaped the pains of growing up by submerging himself in a sea of pop culture-bingeing The Nanny until he had the confidence of Fran Fine, belting out Brandy songs until his heartaches were healed, and watching every semi-clothed Ryan Phillippe scene known to man. Now, as a successful podcaster interviewing the same iconic personalities that he idolized as a kid, Danny's life has only become more entertaining and delightfully chaotic.

Don't stop believin'

With humor and warmth, legendary musician, actress, activist, and icon Olivia Newton-John shares her fascinating life story--from her unforgettable rise to fame in the classic musical Grease to her passionate advocacy for health in light of her battles with cancer.


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