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The hangout headache

Spidey invites Hulk to hangout in WEB-Quarters for the day, like any good friend would do. But it quickly turns into disaster. It turns out that Hulk in WEB-Quarters is worse than a bull in a china shop.

Pirate adventure

But when Mickey and the gang arrive on Pirate Beach, they are not alone. The weasels want to treasure hunt, too! Who will find the coveted treasure chest first?.

Meet the Firebuds

These children of first responders want to help others, just like their parents. They roll with their trusty talking vehicle sidekicks, also known as their vroom-mates.

Meet Alice

With a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of curiosity, and a can-do attitude, Alice is ready to confront any kitchen challenge, from catering a mad tea party to baking an unbirthday cake for the Queen of Hearts. Her friends Dad Hatter and his son Hattie, Fergie the White Rabbit, Alice's pet cat Dinah, and the not-evil-Queen of Hearts and her daughter Princess Rosa, who are of Latino heritage, make her world fun and filled with friendship.

The summer snow day

When the Funhouse Forest is in the middle of a heat wave, there's only one thing to do: make our own magical Snow Day! Join Mickey, Funny, and their friends as they cool off in the heat of summer!.


Being sick is no fun for anyone, but Funny's sneezes are extra funny! Every sneeze sends Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the gang through the wrong Adventure Doors. Will Funny ever feel better?.

Spidey and his amazing friends

housesitting at Tony's
"When duty takes Ironman away from home, it's up to Team Spidey to stop Electro from becoming more powerful"--.

Alice's Wonderland Bakery

"Set in the enchanting world of Alice's Wonderland Bakery, this collection of five fantastical stories, based on episodes of the Disney Junior animated series, follows the delicious adventures of Alice and her friends"--Provided by publisher.

Daisy's crazy hair day

Everyone gets crazy hair days but if you're a lucky duck, your best friend is ready to help you through it. Join Daisy and Minnie on their wacky, silly hair adventure!.

Spring at the Bow-Tique

Everyone wants new spring styles from Minnie's Bow-tique--everyone except Clarabelle that is! Minnie and her pals try everything to find something that Clarabelle likes better than her usual bow in this leveled reader. This book is part of Disney's World of Reading series, which provides emerging readers with books that inspire and excite them, featuring characters they love.


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