Davies, Monika

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Progressive Era leaders

"Between around 1890 and 1920, the Progressive Era saw the United States become a more democratic, safer, and greater nation. Many people led the charge for change and made progress possible. They exposed corruption, secured the vote for women, and spoke up for citizens with no voice. They also forced the government to work for its people. They changed the United States for the better. Let's meet the movers and shakers of the Progressive Era"--Provided by publisher.


Tornadoes can strike quickly nearly anywhere on Earth, unleashing deadly winds and damaging hail.


With wind speeds that can reach more than 150 miles per hour, full-blown hurricanes can uproot giant trees, cause major power outages, and inundate areas with immense amounts of rain.


Get to know Brazil-- its land, animals, people, and way of life.


Get to know India-- its land, animals, people, and way of life.


Get to know Mexico-- its land, animals, people, and way of life.

Deadly anacondas

The anaconda is the largest snake in the world! Not only that, the anaconda is a fierce hunter that can take down massive prey, such as caimans and deer. Females even eat males sometimes! How these deadly snakes do this is presented in age-appropriate language and detail in this high-interest volume. In addition, readers learn about the snake's diet, body, behavior, and habitat with main content that supports science classroom learning. Full-color photographs bring readers up-close and personal with anacondas.

Deadly cobras

If ever you spy a hooded snake rising from the ground, it's imperative you keep away! Cobras are venomous-and that venom is deadly. Cobras have incredible senses and ways of hunting that readers learn all about in this book. Accompanied by full-color photographs of cobras in action, the main text introduces readers to all the different kinds of cobras and details their diet, body, behavior, habitat, and even their life cycle. Science content is both intriguing and supportive of classroom learning.

Deadly sea snakes

Sea snakes are some of the most venomous underwater predators. Their unlucky prey includes fish, eels, and crustaceans. How they hunt and kill is fascinating and enough to engage even the most reluctant reader with science content. In this book, readers find sea snakes on the hunt, in their habitat, and going through their life cycle. Fact boxes highlight their incredible senses and abilities, while full-color photographs show off their color and swimming slither.

Deadly rattlesnakes

A rattlesnake's rattle is built up over time as it sheds its skin and it shakes its rattle using tiny muscles on the sides of its tail. This is fascinating-unless you hear the deadly rattle yourself! The rattle is a warning that a venomous snake is nearby. Readers learn all about rattles and much more about rattlesnake bodies in this book. Additionally, the achievable main content includes information about rattlesnake life cycles, habitats, and prey. Engaging text meets brilliant color photographs to provide a thrilling reading experience for readers.


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