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Hunter x hunter

Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika must elude a hungry beast to reach Killua, who has decided to return to his family and become an assassin.

Hunter x hunter

Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio are challenged by a group of criminals hired by the Hunter Association and must work together to save the day before time runs out.

Hunter x hunter

While preparing to become hunters, Gon and his friends realize they are up against some tough competition and must perform culinary skills to pass their second qualification exam.


"Uprooted from his home in Los Angeles and sent to live with his cantankerous grandparents in New Mexico, twelve-year-old Jorge struggles with loneliness until he meets a new friend who happens to be a chupacabra"--Provided by publisher.

The swamp

"Luke is finally old enough to join his family on his first whitetail deer hunt and he has all kinds of advice from his fellow hunters. When Luke's dad brings him deep into a northern Minnesota swamp for a magical morning hunt, Luke finds adventure and nature at every turn in the trail"--Back cover.


People have hunted since the beginning of humankind, using many different methods and tools. Readers will enjoy learning about hunting in the past and in the present. They will learn about different kinds of hunting tools, where they can hunt, and which hunting methods work best for different game. Exciting text is aided by sidebars and fact boxes to give readers a deep understanding of the sport of hunting. Full-color photographs and fact-filled text will connect readers to nature and encourage respect for conserving the balance of the natural world.

The girl who lost a leopard

Twelve-year-old Selvi loves the animals that live on the mountains behind her home, particularly the beautiful golden leopard, Lokka, and she is determined to protect him from the hunter Jansz who both threatens not only Lokka, but Selvi's family as well.


"It's a pheasant frenzy! Join Lucky Luke and his sister, Crystal, for an amazing weekend hunting pheasants with family and friends in South Dakota. The boys and girls are fired up, the fields are loaded with birds, and the dogs are ready for action. So come along and enjoy this adventure!"--Provided by publisher.

Big game hunting

What qualifies as big game? Bison, elk, and moose are all truly large animals that are exciting to track and hunt. In this book, readers are introduced to this sport through the animals often hunted, the ways people track them, the gear needed, and how one prepares for a big-game hunt. Hunting safety and general rules and regulations are discussed in an age-appropriate way. Full-color photographs of big game and big game hunters aid readers' understanding of the topics discussed. This high-interest topic will keep even reluctant readers turning the pages.

Deer hunting

In many places in the United States, deer hunting is almost like a party! Family and friends gather when it's deer season where they live. Different kinds of deer live across the country. Readers learn the basics of deer hunting in this book in preparation for their first outing. From where to hunt to how to stay safe, the main content offers age-appropriate information and fun facts for young readers. Full-color photographs show readers what to expect when they head out to hunt deer.


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