handbooks and manuals

handbooks and manuals

The Northeast native plant primer

235 plants for an earth-friendly garden
"The book [features] 235 northeastern natives . . . for the home gardener to find and grow. Introductory chapters . . . address the why and how of growing native plants. Two-thirds of the book . . . consist[s] of the plant entries that focus on the must-have information [for] readers. The geographic area[s] covered [are] Maine south to Delaware, west to Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, including all of NY State and the New England States"--Provided by publisher.

Homemade robots

10 simple bots to build with stuff around the house
"A beginner-friendly collection of bot projects that can be built with common items found around the house. Begins with introductory chapters on motors, electronics, and soldering techniques before moving on to the projects, which include step-by-step instructions, photographs, and tips"--.

Master builder junior

Minecraft secrets for young 'crafters
"Filled with colorful screenshots, step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-understand strategies, Master Builder Junior is your ultimate guide to exploring the world of Minecraft."--Page 4 of cover.

Pok?mon scarlet & Pok?mon violet handbook

A guide to the Pok?mon in the Paldea region, covering type, abilities, weaknesses, gender, evolutions, and more.

Keys from the golden vault

"Keys from the Golden Vault is a collection of 13 short, standalone Dungeons & Dragons adventures designed for characters levels 1-11. These adventures can be placed in any setting and you can run them as one-shot games or link them together into a campaign. This book also includes in-world maps to help players plan their heists, plus advice for running nontraditional games with high risks and huge rewards"--Provided by publisher.


Introduces such redstone components as dust and power sources, and provides directions for building a mob farm trap, automatic firework display, and armor swapper.

101 cool things to do in Roblox

Presents an illustrated guide to 101 things the reader can do in Roblox, including breaking out of prison, hiding from a hurricane, finding hidden secrets, and more.

Places & portals

"Explore the geography, inhabitants and legends of D&D landscapes, from the challenges of the Forgotten Realms to spaces and places beyond, with this illustrated guide to adventurous travel"--Provided by publisher.

Bound-for-college guidebook

a step-by-step guide to finding and applying to colleges
"Offers information about the school-to-college transition ... [Includes] ... frequently asked questions and their answers from counselors who understand what students need to know during the exploration, decision-making and application process"--Provided by publisher.

100% unofficial Fortnite annual 2024

A guide to the online video game Fortnite that covers the latest changes and outlines places, weapons, characters, gear, plot developments, tactics, and ways to individualize the game.


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