lego koncernen (denmark)

lego koncernen (denmark)

The big book of LEGO facts

Did you know that 68,000 LEGO? pieces are created every minute? Or that The LEGO Group is one of the biggest manufacturers of tyres in the world? This must-have guide for LEGO fans of every age is crammed full of fascinating LEGO trivia. From the first brick to the latest record-breaking build, discover everything there is to know about the LEGO world.

What is Lego?

Find out how these fun, stackable blocks became the most popular toys in the world.

The LEGO story

how a little toy sparked the world's imagination
"The . . . inside story of the LEGO company--producer of the most beloved and popular toy on the planet--based on unprecedented access to the founding family that still owns the company, chronicling the brand's . . . journey to become the empire that it is"--Provided by publisher.


the Kristiansen family
"In this title, readers will learn about the creators of LEGO, the Kristiansen Family. Follow the family's story from making wooden toys, to the company's creation of the LEGO brick, to LEGOLAND theme parks"--Google Books.


Simple text and illustrations introduce young readers to LEGO toys, discussing what they are, how they are made and more.

LEGO bricks

"For years, kids and adults alike have built incredible things with LEGO bricks. But what's the story behind this popular toy? In this title, readers will explore the history and growth of these beloved bricks with engaging text and photos"--Provided by publisher.

What is LEGO?

"The LEGO toy company was founded in 1934 by a Danish carpenter who loved making wooden pull toys. From its humble beginnings, the company has lived up to its name--which comes from the Danish phrase meaning to always "play well"--encouraging children to use their imagination and build whatever they can dream up . . . describes how a simple concept--small plastic bricks that snap together--morphed into a cultural phenomenon"--Provided by publisher.

LEGO minifigure

a visual history
A guide to more than two thousand LEGO minifigures, detailing each character's design and accessories.


Provides information about LEGO, including its history, merchandise, and the ways it has touched lives around the world.

From an idea to LEGO

the building bricks behind the world's largest toy company
Explores LEGO's origins, their toys and movie ventures, and more.
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