Transforming Earth's geography

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Landslides and avalanches

Introduces readers to the dangers of landslides and avalanches, describes what causes them, explains how to predict and prevent them, and more.

Famine and drought

Describes the causes and effects of famines and droughts throughout the world, how relief agencies help, and what can be done to prevent future famines.

Heat waves and wildfires

Introduces readers to heat waves and wildfires, including, the causes, effects, and more.

Erosion and sinkholes

Introduces sinkholes and the different kinds of erosion, including river, rainfall, coastal, wind, and glacial.

Tsunamis and floods

Introduces readers to tsunamis and floods, including what they are, their causes and effects, and more.
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Hurricanes and tornadoes

Readers learn about hurricanes and tornadoes.
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Volcanoes and earthquakes

Exciting main text explains why the earth shifts beneath our feet and how this has contributed to altering Earth?s geography.
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