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The genius of Microsoft

how Bill Gates and Windows changed the world
With its groundbreaking Windows operating system, Microsoft transformed personal computing. Learn how founder Bill Gates turned Microsoft into one of the biggest companies in the world using cool technology and the power of coding.

The genius of Apple

how Tim Cook and personal computing changed the world
Since Steve Jobs helped found Apple in 1976, the company has been at the cutting edge of computing, introducing the world to personal computers, the iPhone, and more. Learn about Apple's past, present, and future.

The genius of Facebook

how Mark Zuckerberg and social media changed the world
Social media is everywhere. But the boom arguably started when Mark Zuckerberg helped to found Facebook in 2004. Learn more about how Facebook conquered the world and invited controversy along the way in this overview.

The genius of Google

how Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and a search engine changed the world
Search engines allow us to find almost anything on the internet. But it wasn't always this easy. Find out more about the creation of Google, how it's expanded, and what's next for the innovative company.

The genius of Tesla

how Elon Musk and electric cars changed the world
In the face of climate change, demand for electric cars is growing. Elon Musk founded Tesla, making a big bet on electric cars, in 2003. Learn more about Tesla's history and what it's planning next.

The genius of Amazon

how Jeff Bezos and online shopping changed the world
Amazon has revolutionized online shopping, growing quickly to one of the biggest companies in the world. Learn how Amazon became the tech giant it is today and get a glimpse of what's coming next.


Explores the history of Google.


Explores the history of Netflix.


Explores the history of Amazon.


"Studies the . . . social networking service [Twitter] and its founders, examining how a side project created by its four founders evolved into a . . . social network that influences entertainment, politics, and activism"--Provided by publisher.


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