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Harry Moon

"When Harry Moon discovers a cryptic note tucked inside his backpack, he uncovers a devious plot by the evil Mayor Kligore to dump barrels of stinky ink into the pristine Scarlett Letter Lake. Join Harry and his friends as they battle zombies, bullies and the powers of darkness to foil Kligore's wicked plans."--Back cover.


a Harry Moon Adventure
"When the villainous Mayor Kligore announces his plan to build the world's largest snowman in the middle of town, the residents of Sleepy Hollow are thrilled... When the massive snow sculpture springs to life and begins an evil rampage through town, it's Mayor Kligore who asks Harry Moon for help. It all comes down to a mano a mano battle between Harry and Sleepy Hollow's newest arch villain, the evil Lazarus."--Dust jacket.

Halloween nightmares

Harry Moon
"While others his age are trick or treating, Harry Moon, the eighth grade magician, is flying on a magic cloak named Impenetrable. Harry speeds past the worst Halloween night has to offer in Sleepy Hollow. Before the spookiest night of the year can end, Harry must unravel a decade old curse or the good people of Sleepy Hollow will fall under its dark spell at the annual Halloween Bonfire"--Amazon.

Middle school misadventures

"Newell's perfectly comfortable life is turned upside down when Mrs. Hendricks announces the upcoming school dance and he discovers his dad is dating his math teacher"--Provided by publisher.


Marianne Blume, a self-described 'ditz,' tries out for her school's Quiz Quest team in a bid to prove she is smart.

Nate el Grande al rev?s

Sixth-grader and self-proclaimed genius Nate Wright's sloppiness is getting out of hand and getting Francis in trouble.

Dethany and the other clique

"The lighthearted, middle-grade reader follows the . . . comic character Dethany Dendrobia as she navigates daily life in contemporary middle school. The 128-page graphic novel's humor spoofs the restrictiveness of a school's culture of cliques by taking its social strata to absurd extreme"--Provided by publisher.

Absolutely, positively Natty

Natty copes with her parents splitting up, moving in with her grandparents, and starting a new school by maintaining and spreading a positive attitude, but she soon realizes it is more important to feel her feelings than it is to be eternally peppy.

The unofficial Lola Bay Fan Club

"The beginning of sixth grade brings big friendship changes for Iris, including a new friend who may not be as good a friend as she seems"--Provided by publisher.

Cupcake diaries, the graphic novel

When Katie's best friend Callie leaves her for a clique called the Popular Girls Club on the first day of middle school, Katie decides to find a group that she can join.


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