Extreme sports and stunts

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Extreme skateboarding

From street tricks to catching air in pools and on half-pipes, this book introduces and features several types of skateboarding. Also includes tips on how to get started, proper equipment, safety and selected profiles of the sport's luminaries.

Extreme trampoline

This book covers the basics of extreme trampoline and how the technology has advanced over time. It delves into trampoline world records, the importance of safety, and trampoline lingo. Readers will also read about elite trampolinists defying gravity and executing fantastic maneuvers over 30 feet; the length of a school bus; in the air.

Extreme motocross and BMX

Explores the sport of motocross and BMX, including the equipment used, safety precautions, and sports superstars.

Extreme ninja warrior

"'American Ninja Warrior' is the name of a television show on which athletes compete to complete difficult obstacle courses. Colloquially, 'Ninja Warrior' refers to this type of obstacle course challenge depicted on the show, built to test strength, agility, balance, and endurance. This. . . book brings readers into the action, explaining what Ninja Warrior is, depicting its coolest maneuvers, and profiling its biggest stars. Most important, it stresses how to perform these acts safely"--Provided by publisher.

Extreme parkour

Readers will see dynamic sidebars in each chapter take a deeper dive, profiling famous athletes and the discipline's impact on popular culture.
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