Mann, Dionna L.

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Hidden heroes in space exploration

Blast off to space with these hidden heroes. Discover astronauts, mathematicians, engineers, and more who defined space exploration.

Hidden heroes in medicine

Get to know medicine's heroes with personal accounts of how they changed the medical field. Uncover the stories of women, people of color, and people with disabilities whose work helps us stay healthy.

Gymnastics routine takeover

Bre has always planned the gymnastics club routine she and Isabel perform together for Family Night, so initially she is resentful when Coach Chrissy adds Yadana to their group and Isabel favors Yadana's idea to use music from her home country, India, but as Bre listens to the music, something changes. Includes glossary and directions for making a gymnastics ribbon.

How you can save water

Teaches young readers the importance of saving water.

Lacrosse field blunders

Myra encourages her best friend, Myra, to try out for the lacrosse team, and although she is not really good at sports, Gabi allows herself to be persuaded; but when she struggles in a game Myra gets mad at her, and blames her for the loss--and the two friends realize they have to work at being not just friends, but true teammates.

The genius of Facebook

how Mark Zuckerberg and social media changed the world
Social media is everywhere. But the boom arguably started when Mark Zuckerberg helped to found Facebook in 2004. Learn more about how Facebook conquered the world and invited controversy along the way in this overview.

The genius of Tesla

how Elon Musk and electric cars changed the world
In the face of climate change, demand for electric cars is growing. Elon Musk founded Tesla, making a big bet on electric cars, in 2003. Learn more about Tesla's history and what it's planning next.


An introduction to orcas, or killer whales, describing their habitats, behaviors, physical characteristics, diet, and more.
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