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A very merry Christmas

Winnie-the-Pooh forgets to plan his Christmas Eve party and relies on help from his friends to prepare for it.

Beach day!

Four crocodile friends have many adventures on the way to the beach.

Choose kindness

"Bunny is having a tough morning, but manages to brighten up and get out the door. Pretty soon Bunny comes across Beetle, who needs a little cheering too. Bunny can do that! Bunny and Beetle band together and they come across Marten. They are just what Marten needed, and the three carry on. Along the way they pick up Wren and Lemming too. Their care and attention to each other's feelings boosts everyone's mood. When they find Bear, who has forgotten something important, they joyfully come together to make a big difference"--Provided by publisher.

We're better together

a book about community
This book portrays children who are pointing out all the different ways the world is better when we work and play together.

Think big!

"Humpty Dumpty and his nursery rhyme friends are discussing what they want to be when they grow up. Humpty wants to be a boiled egg, but his friends are encouraging him to think bigger!"--Amazon.

Scaredy Squirrel gets a surprise

Scaredy Squirrel opens a mysterious crate containing a pool and as his friends try to help him enjoy the pool, Scaredy Squirrel learns that not all surprises are bad.

Many ways to be a friend

Friends don't have to live near one another nor do they have to like the same things. Join the Sesame Street gang as they celebrate the many ways to be a friend.

Maisy's snowy day

"One day Maisy wakes up to a wonderful surprise: it's snowing! . . . This First experiences book captures the joys of a snowy day spent with friends"--Provided by publisher.

Lunch box bully

"Max outwits a bully and makes a new friend in this I Like to Read easy reader"--Provided by publisher.

Trolls TrollsTopia

A TrollsTopia story about friendship and appreciating differences, and how differences and diversity bring everyone together.


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