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See Otto say hi!

Otto does his utmost to befriend a bird.

Island snow

Isla's friend Tora is missing the snowy winter she was used to in La Ciudad, so Isla and her animal friends try to come up with ways to cheer her up, and show off the unique magic of Sol.

The perfect pitch

Annabella Donatello loves softball and performing so she is thrilled when she gets cast in the school play, on top of being pitcher of her softball team, but when practice conflicts with opening night of the show she hatches a plan putting her softball and acting skills to the test.

Interrupting cow and the wolf in sheep's clothing

Interrupting Cow introduces a lonely wolf to her friends, and they all share her famous knock-knock joke.

Bella and the vampire

After moving to small, spooky Massachusetts beach town Shiver-by-the-Sea, Bella Gosi must team up with her new friend to help a kid vampire find his way home.

Witch in the country

Crimson Twill's new friends from New Wart City, Mauve and Wesley, are coming for a visit! But as soon as they arrive at Crimson's house in Cackle County, things start to go wrong. At the rotten apple orchard, Crimson's ripening spell goes horribly awry (what will they do with all that rotten applesauce?). Then, at the broom-straw field, Wesley cuts too much straw and starts to float away. And when the friends try to collect frogs' breath for their spells (it makes everything wonderfully green and warty), Mauve gets a stinky faceful of it! What on earth is going on? The whole countryside feels like something big is about to happen, and Crimson wonders if it has something to do with Granny Twill and that giant cauldron of stew she made. Can Crimson get to the bottom of this bad-luck mystery? And, more importantly, will her city friends ever want to visit her again?.

One Christmas mystery

It's almost time for the Christmas party--but someone has taken all of the berries and pine cones in the woods! Can Little Hedgehog and his friends figure out who it is?.

Aisha the sapphire treasure dragon

Aisha and her friends Mei and Quinn are the treasure dragon girls. They must harness the power of sapphires to rescue the magic mirror that the evil shadow spirits stole.

Mei the ruby treasure dragon

Mei must find the ancient and powerful Forest Book. Inside its pages is the entire history of the Magic Forest. Without its precious knowledge, things will start to go very wrong in this enchanted place!.

Telescope troubles

Zack McGee and his alien friend, Amp, discover that the alien invasion is underway.


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