Odin, Jey

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Hammer, volume 2

Fight for the ocean kingdom
Still stranded in the ocean kingdom once visited by his father and mother, our hero Stud unites with his new friends Dan the detective and Dan's sister Diane in a showdown agaist Steele, the vicious hammerhead shark.

Hammer, volume 1

The ocean kingdom
Left on his own again, Stud gets sucked into one of his father's journals down into an ocean kingdom grappling with the murder of its king. Can Stud use his hammer hands to solve the case? Our hero Stud is a fourteen-year-old boy whose father regularly abandons him on expeditions that he regularly catalogs in his own journals. Having to fend for himself, Stud isn't like most kids--he can turn his hands into hammers! Unfortunately, the kids in the village don't think it's cool and do not allow him to join their own fun adventures. Considering that his father has always advised him that friends are the most important accomplishment a person can make, what's a boy who can turn part of his body into metal to do? Go on his own adventures, of course!.
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