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Lali's feather

"Lali finds a feather in the field. Is little feather lost? Lali sets out to find feather a home"--Provided by publisher.

Bird show

Rhyming text and illustrations show some of the diversity found in the feathers of exotic and familiar birds.

The feather

"When a great feather drifts from the leaden sky, two children recognize its extraordinariness and take it to the village for its protection. The villagers, however, want to encase it, upon which the feather loses its radiance. The children take it home and care for it through the night. In the morning it is again radiant, and when they set it free, it leaves behind the first signs of blue sky and color. The ambiguous ending invites multiple interpretations about the effects of selflessness and kindness"--Provided by publisher.

Abigail, the breeze fairy

Abigail the Breeze Fairy has been blown off-course without her wispy wind feather. Will Rachel and Kirsty be able to find the feather and bring calm to the blustery village?.

Quack! quack!

these baby animals can't wait to meet you!
A touch-and-feel book that describes different types of baby animals.
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Simon finds a feather

Simon finds a red feather and decides to return it to the bird who lost it.

Pierre the penguin

a true story
Pierre the penguin lost his feathers and was too cold to swim in the water until aquatic biologist Pam came up with an idea to get Pierre to swim again.


not just for flying
"Young naturalists meet sixteen birds in this introduction to the many uses of feathers"--Amazon.com.

Birds and their feathers

An exploration of birds and their feathers.
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Finn's feather

"When Finn finds a feather he believes was sent by his deceased brother, Hamish, his mother and teacher are not excited but his friend Lucas helps him find great joy in Hamish's gift"--OCLC.


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