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A single feather, blown about by the wind, asks a variety of birds if she belongs to them but is dismissed time and again until she gives up her quest.
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Storm, the lightning fairy

Storm, the lightning fairy, must find the lost magical feathers to bring back good weather to Wetherbury where the weather has gone wacky.
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Crystal, the snow fairy

Crystal the snow fairy must find her magical feather in order to stop snowfall in summer.
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Eddie Bauer

down jacket developer
In this engaging biography, readers will learn about the inventor of the down jacket, Eddie Bauer. Follow Bauer's story from his early years at Bauer's Tennis Shop to the expanded Bauer's Sport Shop to the creation of his famous puffer jacket.
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Why do birds have feathers?

and other questions about evolution and classification
"Readers will learn about early birds, such as the Archaeopteryx, and what we've learned from their fossils. They'll also learn about the classifications for birds that are alive today, such as perching birds, raptors, and flightless birds. Colorful pictures, diagrams, and sidebars take readers on an adventure to meet these amazing feathered friends."--Provided by publisher.

Having fun with hair feathering

Feathers are not just for birds! This book includes a variety of ideas for using them in decorating your hair. Crafters practice comprehension skills as they use text and diagrams to follow the steps for each project. The activities push students to learn and apply domain-specific vocabulary, practice new techniques, and build on concepts that may already be familiar. Other tools, including an index and additional resources, encourage readers to locate information and explore further independently.

Fur and feathers

Basic text and color photographs depict how various animals use their fur and feathers to stay warm and dry, and to camouflage themselves. Also discusses how different animals grow and groom their fur or feathers. Includes a glossary.

Feathered dinosaurs

"A beautiful exploration of recently-discovered feathered dinosaurs--the ancient ancestors of birds today!"--Provided by publisher.

Why do owls and other birds have feathers?

"Find out all about feathers and how they help owls fly, keep warm, hunt and survive. Discover how feathers are different on different birds and how they change as birds grow up."--.


not just for flying
Discover the versatility of birds' feathers: they can make "high-pitched sounds like a whistle," "dig holes like a backhoe," and "sprint across the snow like snowshoes.".


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