automobile racing

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automobile racing

Race cars

Looks at how race cars are designed, built, and improved with new technology. Includes audio, videos, activities, weblinks, slideshows, transparencies, maps, quizzes, and supplementary resources.

Truckus Maximus

"'The Game' is Truckus Maximus, a competition where drivers race against one another toward victory--or disaster. The best of the best is a young driver named Axl. The leader of Team Apollo, Axl drives hard and lies by a strict moral code. That code will be tested to its limits by the Caesar--the cunning ruler of the Roman Empire--and the Dominus, the absolute master of the Truckus Maximus games who can change its rules at will. But Axl can't survive this race on his own. To do that, he'll have to embrace his team, including a defiant new racer named Piston. Will he learn that family is more important than honor or the Game? Or will he go down in flames?"--Back cover.

Autos de Indycar

"What's it like to drive an Indy car? Indy car drivers get a real workout. In the Indianapolis 500, drivers go 200 laps, driving for about 3 hours. There's no power steering and braking takes about 100 pounds of force each time. Appeal to budding racers with this question-and-answer book covering Indy car parts, fuel, and how they differ from other race cars"--Provided by publisher.

Stock car mania

"You have to be brave to drive a stock car--they go fast! Get the facts on stock car racing, the parts of a car, and driver safety gear"--Provided by publisher.

Rally car racing

Engaging images accompany information about rally car racing.

The great ice race

"Race car Blaze battles Crusher on the ice track!"--Back cover.

Speed lights!

"Can Blaze stop the Light Thief from stealing the lights?"--Back cover.

GOATs of auto racing

Looks at the achievements of several notable automobile racing drivers.


Highlights the history of supercars from their inception to what they might be like in the future. Includes a timeline, diagrams, a glossary, resources for further information, and color photographs.


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