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automobile racing

Car racing

Examines the background and history of car racing and the construction, operation, and maintenance of the vehicles used. A detailed fold-out shows a cross-section of a cr, how it works, and what gives it its speed.

Here lies the librarian

Fourteen-year-old Eleanor "Peewee" McGrath, a tomboy and automobile enthusiast, discovers new possibilities for her future after the 1914 arrival in her small Indiana town of four young librarians.
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motoring into the wild world of racing
An introduction to the world of auto racing, reviewing the history of the sport, discussing cars, teams, drivers, tracks, and competitions, and including photographs, profiles, and special features.
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The smash-up crash-up derby

While visiting the fair, a child describes the most exciting event--the demolition derby and its surprise winner.
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Famous NASCAR tracks

Describes major NASCAR tracks such as Daytona International Speedway, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway, presents track statistics, and covers significant moments in the tracks' histories.

Behind the wheel

The reader's decisions control the course of an adventure in which a gambling syndicate tries to influence the outcome of a Swiss auto race.

Indy cars

An introduction to Indy cars, discussing their history, parts, competitions and more.

Indy cars

An introduction to Indy cars.
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Chevrolet Corvette Z06

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 holds its own in the world of sports cars.
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McLaren 12C

The McLaren 12C is an English masterpiece, crafted with primarily carbon fiber to reduce its weight.
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