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McTavish takes the cake

"Pa Peachey has gotten it in his head that he is going to be the baker in the family, and the Peacheys and their dog, McTavish, are more than a little surprised. Stunned, in fact. Ever since Ma Peachey declared herself free of the cooking responsibilities, Betty, Ava, and Ollie have taken turns making inventive and delicious meals. But Pa thinks he can do better, even though his cakes are as flat as manhole covers and his cookies turn to charcoal. When the town announces a baking competition with a big prize, Pa is convinced he will enter an absolute masterpiece. Now the Peacheys have to decide: should they be honest with Pa and tell him his confections are contemptible, or should they support his high-flying dreams? Or could McTavish have a last-minute option at the ready?"--Provided by the publisher.


Readers will learn about spiders and make arts and crafts.

The tale of tea

Readers will learn how tea is harvested.

The story of sugar

Sugar sweetens some of the tastiest treats, including the cookies you'll find at the Cookie Jar food truck. The story of sugar is a pretty sweet tale.


Readers will learn about witch's and create some crafts.


Readers will learn about vampires and arts and crafts.

Isadora Moon has a sleepover

"While at Zoe's house for a sleepover, half-fairy, half-vampire Isadora adds a little magic to the cake she and her friend are baking for the school competition"--Publisher.

Food fight for Fiona

Geeky F@b 5
"Rainbow volcano cakes, glitter you can eat, and an effort to help end student hunger at Earhart Elementary are all part of the Geeky F@b 5's next adventure. As the girls dive into a frenzy of volcano cake baking, a new girl has just transferred into the GF5's class at Earhart Elementary. The Geeky F@b 5 befriends Fiona and her young brother, Freddy, who always seems to be hungry. Both are pretty impressed with Sofia's tablet, Marina's knowledge of outer space, Zara's fancy headphones, A.J.'s ladybug car, and Lucy's sassy kitty, Hubble. They all become fast friends and later discover Fiona and Freddy don't live in a home like most kids In class and on a special field trip, the girls are learning about food: how to eat the rainbow, milk a cow, and discover not every student has enough food over the weekend. To help, the GF5 rallies their school to lead the way in the annual student hunger drive to help stock the local food bank. Join in as the GF5 rallies behind their friends in a "Food Fight for Fiona.""--provided by publisher.

Camila the baking star

"Camila and her Pap? enter a televised baking competition, but trying to do everything herself results in a mess so Pap? helps to bake strawberry-iced cake pops that could make them stars"--OCLC.

Baking all year round

A collection of baking recipes from YouTube star, Rosanna Pansino.


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