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My Little Pony baking book

The My Little Pony characters present a collection of recipes to teach young children how to bake.

The great beach cake bake

"When JoJo's friend Jacob and his baking partner, Louis, get invited to a fancy beach resort for a cake contest, JoJo volunteers to come cheer them on. With Grace, Miley, and Kyra in tow, the whole Siwa squad will be together! Best of all, the contest is even going to be on TV! While the girls are tossing frisbees on the sand and baking in the sun, the boys will be baking up their masterpiece. But winning isn't easy. When the boys' cake turns out to be a literal flop (it doesn't rise!) just moments before the show is set to air, JoJo and the gang have to get creative. There's no time for another cake, but there sure is plenty of ice cream around--it's a beach, after all. All that brain freeze gives JoJo a genius idea: Jacob and Louis can make her very favorite kind of cake . . . an ice cream cake! The kids think they have the competition in the bag, but there's one thing they're forgetting--ice cream melts in the sun. When things get messy, can JoJo and the Siwa Squad figure out a way to (milk)shake up the competition?"--Provided by publisher.

MasterChef junior bakes!

bold recipes and essential techniques to inspire young bakers
A baking cookbook with one hundred recipes, including vanilla cut-out cookies, glazed and sugared jelly doughnuts, and German chocolate cupcakes with ganache filling, and featuring guidance, photographs, and insider information from 'MasterChef Junior' alumni.

The little baking book

a collection of yummy, kid-friendly recipes!
Presents a collection of recipes to teach young children how to bake.

Meet the baker

How a baker makes the breads, pies, and cakes that we love to eat is revealed though fun, engaging text. Beginning readers get an enjoyable and educational look at the work that bakers do every day including mixing the batter and slicing the bread.
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Robo-Dodo rumble

Koko Dodo's cookie shop is facing some stiff competition from an evil robotic dodo, and a giant sea monster starts destroying the town, but Didi Dodo has some daring plans.
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Five little monkeys bake a birthday cake

Five little monkeys try to bake a cake for their mother's birthday without waking her up.
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Apple cake

Presents a seasonally themed rhyming tale featuring a child who says thank you for the gifts of nature, from apples and eggs to milk and hazelnuts, before using the ingredients to make a delicious cake.
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Ada Goth y el Festival de Mortilunio

"Preparations for ... [a party] and bake-off are under way. Celebrity cooks are arriving at the hall for the big event and, true to form, Maltravers, the indoor gamekeeper, is acting suspiciously. Elsewhere ... Ada's wardrobe-dwelling lady's maid Marylebone has received a marriage proposal. Ada vows to aid the course of true love and find out what Maltravers is up to, but amidst all this activity, everyone, including her father, appears to have forgotten her birthday!"--OCLC.
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Anna, Banana, and the recipe for disaster

"Anna must whip up a new cookie recipe for the bake sale when her jealousy of Sadie and Isabel's new friend has her exaggerating her baking skills"--Provided by publisher.
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