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Mrs. Biddlebox

With baking magic, Mrs. Biddlebox uses fog, dirt, sky, and other ingredients of a rotten day to transform it into a sweet cake.

Bruno the baker

Bruno the beaver and his little helper Felix carefully follow instructions as they bake a birthday cake and then get ready to eat it. Includes cake recipe.

A cake all for me!

Using the themes and rhythms of traditional nursery rhymes gives directions for baking and sharing a cake including "nine, ten, eggs from the hen" and "fifteen, sixteen, a big bowl for mixing." Includes measurements and recipes.

Seven loaves of bread

When Milly, who does the baking on the farm, gets sick, Rose discovers that there are very good reasons for making extra loaves of bread to share with their animals and friends.

Sir Cumference and the off-the-charts dessert

a math adventure
When Sir Cumference and Lady Di of Ameter invite two bakers to compete for the honor of baking the annual Harvest Sweet, the bakers must figure out a way to chart whose treats are the favorites.

One smart cookie

bite-size lessons for the school years and beyond
Presents vocabulary words and life lessons, with cookie-baking as the theme of the book.

The children's baking book

Provide over fifty recipes for brownies, breads, pastries, cookies, cakes, and other types of baked goods, with step-by-step instructions designed to be easily understood by children, and includes tips and advice.

Cupcake heaven

hundres of divine recipes to take you to baking paradise
Is there anything on Earth more tempting than a fresh batch of cupcakes? The rise in the popularity of the cupcake has been meteoric. Although the trend for these stylish individual cakes started in New York it travelled quickly to Europe where they have eclipsed other cakes to become the cake of choice for celebrations. Cupcake Heaven is overflowing with hundreds of divine recipes to provide eternal inspiration.

Bake and make amazing cakes

Provides instructions for creating nineteen whimsical cake designs, such as a rainbow, caterpillar, and jack-o-lantern; and includes photographs and recipes for cakes and frostings.

?clairs & brown bears

Step-by-step introduction to the baking of desserts such as bear-shaped meringues dipped in chocolate and brownies with M&Ms. Also includes historical background relating to the foods.


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