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Toasted bagels

P.C.'s animal friends come to the rescue when his plans for a bagel party go up in smoke.

Dudley bakes a cake

Dudley Dormouse bakes an unusual cake and enters it in a competition in order to win a bike.

Maisy makes gingerbread

Maisy the mouse makes gingerbread cookies and shares them with her friends Charley and Tallulah.

Five little monkeys bake a birthday cake

Presents a children's picture book about five little monkeys who plan to bake a cake for their momma's birthday without waking her up.

A baker's field guide to Christmas cookies

Contains over seventy-five Christmas cookie recipes from around the world with information on its country of origin and a description of how that cookie tastes and looks.

Understanding baking

the art and science of baking
A resource for bakers that explains the chemistry of ingredients and their combinations, explaining how to use knowledge of baking science to perfect one's baking skills.

Great bread!

The easiest possible way to make almost 100 kinds
A brief history of bread with a discussion of the traditional ingredients and baking methods introduces a variety of recipes with the measurements given in both the metric and English system.

Betty Crocker's baking with kids

Presents kid-tested recipes in a simple format, detailing all kitchen utensils and baking terms needed.

The unofficial Hunger Games cookbook

from lamb stew to "groosling"--more than 150 recipes inspired by the The Hunger Games trilogy
Presents a cookbook with more than one hundred and fifty recipes inspired by Suzanne Collins "The Hunger Games" trilogy, including French bread from the Mellark Family bakery, Katniss's favorite lamb stew with dried plums, Rue's roasted parsnips, Gale's bone-pickin' big game soup, Capitol-grade dark chocolate cake, and more.

The storyteller

a novel
Becoming friends with Josef Weber, an old man who is particularly loved in her community, Sage Singer is shocked when one day he asks her to kill him and reveals why he deserves to die, causing her to question her beliefs.


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