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You're the umpire

mind-boggling questions to test your baseball knowledge
The reader is invited to assume the role of the umpire in baseball scenarios, most from real games, covering routine calls, basic situations, and obscure rules and situations, and including answers.

Science, matter and the baseball park

"Science meets baseball in this fast-paced rhyming story that zooms in on all the mater--whether solid, liquid or gas--that makes up what truly matters at the ballpark and beyond!"--Provided by publisher.

Baseball battle

Lifelong friends Jackson and Logan are moving up from T-ball to baseball, but when both boys want to play first base they must decide if baseball is more important than their friendship.

"Our bums"

the Brooklyn Dodgers in history, memory and popular culture
"This book fills the void in Dodgers scholarship, exploring their impact on popular culture, revealing lesser-known details of the team's history"--Provided by publisher.

Baseball blowup

Malcolm loves baseball and science, but his teammates are not always pleased with the ideas he comes up with--until he uses science to come up with a winning pitch, the knuckleball.

Fox Point's own Gemma Hopper

"Gemma Hopper is obsessed with baseball but is too busy helping out at home and navigating the perils of friendship to try out for a team"--Provided by publisher.

The Puttermans are in the house

Told from different points of view, the Putterman cousins, twins Sammy and Matty, and Becky, have been at odds, but when Hurricane Harvey hits Houston, they soon find that they need each other more than ever.

Grand slam

Jalen DeLuca can analyze and predict almost exactly what a pitcher is going to pitch, but without the statistics he has on the pro players, Jalen finds success to be extremely challenging, especially with all the extra drama of his mom coming back into his life.


This book introduces some of the most memorable in baseball history, including Babe Ruth calling his shot, Jackie Robinson's debut, when the Cubs won, and more.


two Native baseball players, one World Series
"The true story of John Meyers and Charles Bender, who in 1911 became the first two Native American pro baseball players to face off in a World Series, teaches important lessons about resilience, doing what you love in the face of injustice, and the fight for Native American representation in sports"--Provided by publisher.


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