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The lucky baseball bat

Marty loses his lucky baseball bat, and his confidence along with it, and wonders if he will recover both in time to help the Tigers win the championship.

The kid who only hit homers

A boy becomes a phenomenal baseball player one summer when a mysterious stranger resembling Babe Ruth befriends him.

Ticket to the World Series

Examines the history of the World Series, highlighting successful teams and key matches and players. Includes color photographs, a glossary, an activity, and further resources.

Jackie Robinson takes the field

An easy-to-read graphic novel that reveals why Jackie Robinson's shattering of the color barrier in baseball is among the greatest moments in history.

Babe Ruth

super slugger
"From the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees, Babe Ruth's epic rise to the Baseball Hall of Fame is one to remember. Learn more about Ruth in this epic biography"--.

Batting order

Twelve-year-old Matt Baker is the best all-rounder on his baseball team, but can he help Big Ben Roberson improve his hitting and stand up to his father?.

Baseball records smashed!

"In baseball, long games are marked by . . . moments--like Nolan Ryan beating Sandy Koufax's no-hitter record or Ichiro Suzuki smashing George Sisler's record number of hits in a season. In this . . . book, young readers can experience record-breaking plays in baseball"--Provided by publisher.

Why we love baseball

a history in 50 moments
"Posnanski writes of [baseball's] major moments that created legends, and of forgotten moments almost lost to time. It's Willie Mays's catch, Babe Ruth's called shot, and Kirk Gibson's limping home run; the slickest steals; the biggest bombs; and the most triumphant no-hitters . . ."--Provided by publisher.

The grandest stage

a history of the World Series
A history of the World Series with a focus on baseball players' insights, managers' experiences, and the many stories behind significant games.

Hidden truths

Dani and Eric have been best friends since Dani moved next door in second grade--until one summer when everything changes.


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