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In the zone

Tony Andia uses the strong arm and tenacity that makes him Peabody's star quarterback to excel on the pitcher's mound. But when he thinks an opposing player has disrespected him, he loses his cool and the game! Was Tony right about the dis? Or were cultural differences in play?.

Hoggy at bat

"Now that this former ball hog has learned to be a team player, Hoggy's friends think he's a real catch. But Hoggy feels more at home on the basketball court than he does on the baseball diamond. He wants to hit the ball so flawlessly that it soars over the fence. Instead, it's a swing and a miss. When Hoggy strikes out, the pressure is on. Can he learn to relax and enjoy a fun game with his friends? Or will the pressure to win keep him from stepping up to the plate?"--Provided by the publisher.

A face in the crowd and The longest December

A Face in the Crowd: Dean Evers, an elderly widower, sits in front of the television with nothing better to do than waste his leftover evenings watching baseball. It's Rays/Mariners, and David Price is breezing through the line-up. Suddenly, in a seat a few rows up beyond the batter, Evers sees the face of someone from decades past, someone who shouldn't be at the ballgame, shouldn't be on the planet. And so begins a parade of people from Evers's past, all of them occupying that seat behind home plate. Until one day Dean Evers sees someone even eerier.

There's no crying in baseball

After Tyler sprains his ankle, he does not want to participate in the spirit activities at school.

Baseball blowup

Malcolm loves baseball and science, but his idea for a homemade glove oil causes a blowup with his team. Now he must find a way to use science and statistics to create a new type of pitch to help his team and earn back their trust.

Incredible baseball stats

the coolest, strangest stats and facts in baseball history
"As America's pastime since the mid-1800s, baseball offers the sights, sounds, and even smells that are deeply entrenched in our culture. But for some, the experience can be less sensory . . . Stats give the game historical context and measurables for past, present, and predictive analysis . . . newly updated, helps tell unique baseball stories, showcasing extraordinary stats and facts in baseball history, through the 2018 season"--Publisher.

100 baseball legends who shaped sports history

Provides brief, chronologically arranged profiles of one hundred baseball players who helped shape sports history.

The story of the Boston Red Sox

"Encompassing the extraordinary history of Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox, this photo-laden narrative underscores significant players, team accomplishments, and noteworthy moments that will stand out in young sports fans' minds"--.

The baseball 100

An award-winning sportswriter presents this ultimate baseball resource that tells the story of the game through the extraordinary lives of its 100 greatest players by retracing their origins, illuminating their characters and placing their accomplishments in the context of baseball's past and present.


"Derek is about to turn 13, and as the school year comes to an end and summer baseball season is about to begin, Derek knows that if he does his best both on and off the field, the future will look bright next year in 8th grade, and it'll be a grand slam!"--Provided by publisher.


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