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Casey at the bat

A narrative poem about a celebrated baseball player who strikes out at the crucial moment of a game.

G.O.A.T. baseball outfielders

"Baseball boasts some of the . . . best athletes. Learn how the top outfielders carried their teams to victory. Then make your own list of the greatest outfielders in MLB history!"--Provided by publisher.

Golden arm

Lazarus Weathers, a high school senior from the wrong side of the tracks, seeks to protect his half-brother while pitching his way out of poverty, one strike at a time.

The fireballer

a novel
Frank Ryder is a star pitcher with undeniable talent, but he's haunted by guilt over a tragic accident in his past that he just can't let go. To go forward in life and in his career, Frank is forced to confront his past and return to his hometown to visit all those affected by the tragedy in order to find peace.

Batting order

Small, shy Matt Baker, who has been marginalized because of a speech disorder, and big, bold, and brash Ben Roberson become unlikely practice partners as their baseball team navigates the rapidly approaching end of their season.

Lucy tries baseball

"Lucy and her friends learn the basics of baseball, including catching, hitting and fielding, then try their new skills in a real game"--Provided by publisher.

Hidden truths

Dani and Eric have been best friends since Dani moved next door in second grade--until one summer when everything changes.

Batting order

Twelve-year-old Matt Baker is the best all-rounder on his baseball team, but can he help Big Ben Roberson improve his hitting and stand up to his father?.

The lucky baseball bat

Marty loses his lucky baseball bat, and his confidence along with it, and wonders if he will recover both in time to help the Tigers win the championship.

The kid who only hit homers

A boy becomes a phenomenal baseball player one summer when a mysterious stranger resembling Babe Ruth befriends him.


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