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Great spies of the world

An introduction to the history of spies and espionage.

Sneaky spies

the inspiring truth behind popular stealth video games
Quietly infiltrating a high-security building to steal secret documents. Sneaking behind enemy lines to rescue an important government official. Secretly listening to an enemy's conversation without getting caught. Fans of stealthy video games enjoy these activities and many more. But what is the true story behind today's popular stealth games? What methods to spies use to secretly gather intelligence? What kind of gear to secret agents use to spy on the activities of others? How do special forces teams achieve their missions without getting caught? Compare true spy tactics and gear to today's popular video games and learn if they are portrayed accurately, or if the games twist the truth to create a more exciting game-playing experience.


inside the global war to hijack elections and distort the truth
Stories from the Frontlines of the Global Cyberwar Cybersecurity expert Theresa Payton tells battlefront stories from the global war being conducted through clicks, swipes, internet access, technical backdoors and massive espionage schemes. She investigates the cyberwarriors who are planning tomorrow's attacks, weaving a fascinating yet bone-chilling tale of Artificial Intelligent mutations carrying out attacks without human intervention, "deepfake" videos that look real to the naked eye, and chatbots that beget other chatbots. Finally, Payton offers readers telltale signs that their most fundamental beliefs are being meddled with and actions they can take or demand that corporations and elected officials must take before it is too late.

The secret life of spies

"Meet double agent Nathalie Sergueiew, who helped collect information for the Allies during World War II; high-altitude pilot Gary Powers, who flew to great heights to take photographs of Soviet military installations; and mathematical genius Alan Turing, whose incredible work helped crack Nazi encryptions. These incredible people, along with a host of other amazing individuals, have all helped shaped the history of espionage through their dedicated work"--Back cover.

Heroes who risked everything for freedom

Civil War
"Profiles some of the spies of the Civil War, including Harriet Tubman, Robert Smalls, and Mary Touvestre."--OCLC.
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The founding fathers were spies!

Revolutionary War
"Describes some of the creative and subversive tactics the United States used to win the Revolutionary War, including sending secret messages, using invisible ink, and devloping ciphers."--OCLC.
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Spy tech--digital dangers

Discusses different technologies used by spies, such as satellites, lasers, robots, drones, and computer software, and includes career information.
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Secrets, lies, gizmos, and spies

a history of spies and espionage
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Code breakers and spies of World War II

This text explores the code talkers and beyond to paint a vivid picture of how cryptography and spy technology shaped the conflict.
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Code breakers and spies of World War I

Readers learn how new technology exploded and resulted in developments in cryptography and surveillance as both sides raced to crack the codes and win the war.
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